Hey there! Yeah, I’m talking to you. I just found out that you are using kratom and you wanted to know about the perfect place to buy it from. Don’t be shy. You can trust us. Why? Well because we can save your time and money. Isn’t that just wonderful? It’s really difficult to trust vendors these days as there are many scammers available in the market.

Working this out can take a lot of time and effort, however, so, understandably, you might not want to investigate any kratom vendor in any great level of detail. To save you time, we’ve put together a thorough review of the blue river wellness kratom to determine whether this kratom vendor is worth your time and money or not. So is Blue River Wellness a legitimate kratom company? So, if you are interested then let’s start our review.

Who Are They?

Blue River Wellness is a company that is formed in Charleston, Colorado, and it is formerly also known as Coastal kratom. It is a small company, and this kratom vendor only ships kratom strains to their customers within limited places like the domestic United States of America.

The name of this kratom vendor comes from the location of the company, right off Blue River Parkway. Copy that, they used to do international shipping when it was coastal kratom, but not anymore they used to do. They have gained a good reputation across the continental USA. They offer high quality offers to customers.

Blue River Wellness

Blue River Wellness Products

For choosing the best kratom strains it is important to search which kratoms are available from your favorite kratom vendors, for your personal needs and preference, and for relief of pain and anxiety. Let’s have a look at some of the different quality products available from this vendor kratom.

Special House Blends

Blue River Wellness sells an instant range of bright eyes blend of kratom to discount bundles of Maeng Da and Bali. Blue River Kratom sells a huge range of different blends and bundles of different strains.

Kratom strains 

In Blue River Wellness you will find that kratom will be selling with the name of Mitra or something similar to it. This kratom vendor is famous for removing all mentions of kratom from the online storefront.

You won’t find any products here with the name of kratom because there are some regions in which kratom is legally not permitted, so that’s the reason for changing of name, and is a form of legal protection for companies.

This kratom vendor contains different instant numbers of kratom strains, even though they are not known as kratom. Kratom strains like private reserve maeng da, white Vietnam, and the popular one Green Maeng Da strain.

CBD products

Offering a wider range of different types of herbal supplements and remedies to customers, this kratom vendor set a good reputation and set itself apart from the competition.

In addition to kratom supplements, known as Mitra instead of kratom, this popular vendor also sells a good selection of CBD and other related herbal products to their customers. 

Proprietary Blends

  • The Bright Eyes Blend
  • Tropic Blast


  • Elephant Indo
  • Green Maeng Da
  • Green Malay
  • Private Reserve Maeng Da Micronized Powder
  • Private Reserve Maeng Da, Crushed Leaf
  • Ultra Maeng Da
  • Ultra Green Malay, Crushed Leaf


  • Red Vein Sumatra
  • Red Vein Thai
  • Ultra Premium Bali
  • Ultra Premium Bali, Crushed Leaf


  • White Vietnam

Blue River Wellness

Blue River Wellness Coupon Code

Not only does this company provide loyal customers with a rewards program but they commonly give out promotional codes. You can check out their social media accounts or head to sites like Free Coupon Codes to get your discount today.

Discounts And Savings

In my opinion, discounts are directly proportional to the savings. If we don’t get many discounts and the price of the product is high then our affordable price but we need it, we buy that expensive product by disturbing our savings.

So no discount means no savings and vice versa. From the orders of this kratom vendor, there are so many options for customers to save money. The site loyalty program is the biggest option for discount and saving.

 The regular customers may get a reward in the form of a discount as they are purchasing again and again. Whenever you place an order, you will receive a small reward for purchasing. 

The loyalty program is for those who order again and again, if you want to become part of this program, then just sign up and order something and you will automatically be enrolled in this program.


To be honest, they have marked up their rank in almost every rack, but just to state the obvious here we are:

  • Wide variety of botanicals.
  • Quality Mitragyna speciosa powder.
  • Kratom is famous for its cost of very large amounts of money, but smaller orders from this retailer have reasonable and accessible prices.


  • These kratom vendor web pages take forever to load.
  • The price of larger orders of bulks is high.
  • They offer limited payment options.

Blue River Wellness

How Much Blue River Wellness Cost?

An ounce of kratom strain from this kratom vendor generally costs 11 dollars, which is a very reasonable, accessible, and affordable price. This amount is a relatively average price from most other kratom vendors. Prices from this retailer are surprisingly much affordable for the 

Customer Reviews

Customers love this kratom vendor very much. They are talking about its quality and quantity is so good and potent. Customers are generally saying very positive things about this retailer and highly recommended by regular users.

 Their customer service is of the highest quality. This is largely because this company is very longstanding and solidly based. They are also lovable for putting in extra work than necessary for customers’ needs. 

Media Research

“Motherboard” Website says:

“The US government is set to ban kratom, a medicinal plant, and painkiller, even though researchers say it might not be dangerous. Native to Southeast Asia, kratom has traditionally been brewed in tea, or ground up and encapsulated as powder.

Historically, Thai laborers would use it to help them work longer hours without pain. But the drug has gone from subtle roots to becoming a Schedule I drug, akin to heroin in the eyes of the Drug Enforcement Administration.

The DEA’s temporary ban will go into effect on September 30. “If kratom becomes a Schedule I drug, America will see what a true epidemic looks like, all the while denying American citizens of the only substance that eases their pain, depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc.,” said Robert McMahan, head of the online kratom vendor Blue River Wellness, in an email.

He said kratom has been a much safer alternative to other opiates and drugs like meth and heroin”.


In the continental United States of America, this kratom vendor is the best vendor for customers. It is best for small orders, but if you are looking somewhere to place a large order then it might not be the best option, because the prices for their bulks are reasonably high.

Most customers agree that their product is well worth the price of admission. Be safe, be smart, and be well.

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