Kraken Kratom is a registered member of the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) and is also an approved vendor of the American Kratom Association. Kraken Kratom came into being in 2015, around the same time when plenty of other Kratom vendors also popped up across the US. However, the said seller stood out from the competition due to higher transparency in their business.

Kraken Kratom Product Line

This vendor has a vast range of Kratom products in stock. Along with selling different Kratom strains, the vendor also specializes in Kratom colors, tea accessories, and digital scales. Their product helps with pain along with the other pain medications and patches. They have a great product selection. Their product is always completely Superior to everyone else’s in my opinion.

Kraken Kratom


 Here you can find the following strains:

    1. Red Dragon
    2. Indo Kratom
    3. Borneo
    4. Red Bali
    5. Thailand Kratom
    6. Malay Kratom
    7. Sumatra Kratom

Tea Accessories

You can find plenty of tea accessories in Kraken Kratom’s store. Including:

Tea Ball Infuser

Blender Bottle

Muslin Herb Bags

Press’N Brew Tea Bags

Bambo Tea Strainers

Kraken Kratom Quality

It is manufacturing and extraction process is subject to strict quality control standards to make sure that its customers get the best of the best. To ensure that they only provide the absolute best kratom out there, they have created and implemented the highest quality standards in the industry. They have facilities to ensure quality products to the customers.

Kraken Kratom

Lab Tested

They maintain their quality due to the excellent quality and consistency of their products. All their products undergo comprehensive lab testing and QC inspection. Their Product sent has been top-notch quality.

GMP Compliant Status

We looked at the standards and quality of the manufacturing, processing, and packaging facilities of the brand. They claim that they are recently certified by the American Kratom Association (AKA) to be GMP compliant.

Affordable Price

Affordability is yet another essential consideration for a lot of customers. The simple reason behind that is the fact that if you are treating a condition with Kratom, you would need long-term use and affordability is necessary to make that sustainable. Kraken Kratom has priced its products very reasonably, given the quality it offers. Kraken Kratom offers market standard prices for Kratom powder and other products.

Discount & Coupons Code

The vendor has ongoing discount options where almost all their products are available at reduced prices so you can get your favorite product at a discount too. They offer 15 to 80% discount on their products. Apart from the frequent discounts, you can get discounts through other means, for instance, sharing products, discount coupons, and registering on their website.

Customer Service

KK is a reputable company. Their service is top-notch. Their Customer support staff is very passionate. They ensure customer satisfaction. You can contact them for any queries at any time wherever you want whether by phone or email. They provide efficient and speedy delivery of products in a simple purchasing process. Delivery is fast and customer service will help fix any issues if need be. 

Shipping Policy

Kraken Kratom offers same-day delivery for all its products and all types of orders. All buyers receive free same-day shipping on all orders. Their shipments are dispatched for free via USPS First Class Shipping that takes anywhere 2-9 days. If you want a faster delivery, you will have to pay $4.99 USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail.

Return Policy

They offer a pretty standard 30-day return policy. They will accept any untampered and sealed box if it is returned within 30 days of purchase. If a customer has received a product that is not what he/she ordered, then that return can also be made.


On their websites, every vendor will tell you that they are the best in the market. However, when you buy Kratom, you can not only depend on the vendor’s word. You should do some external research too. You can click on below given the websites and can search by yourself.

Kraken Kratom Payment Options

A brand is considered ideal when it offers everything besides its products that make the overall experience with the brand pleasing for the users. And Kraken Kratom has certainly succeeded in this. Kraken offers numerous ways for users to make payments for purchases. They are:

  1. PMC Gold / Visa / Mastercard.
  2. Quick Ship ACH (pay directly from your bank account).
  3. eCheck (pay directly through eCheck).
  4. Bitcoin (additional 10% discount for selecting this payment method).

Kraken Kratom

Bottom Line

Kraken Kratom is well-renown for delivering the highest quality and most thoroughly tested products you will ever find. From Kratom extracts and powders to capsules and tablets, Kraken Kratom has got everything you need. 

  • The company also has a reputation for always manufacturing new products and bettering their already existing products. Kraken Kratom offers some of the most popular strains at the best, most inviting discounts in the market. 
  • Kraken Kratom is a serious consideration for customers who are looking for the best online vendor for their products.
  • In addition to a reasonable price, they promise great quality products with prompt delivery. 
  • Their main goal is to help customers experience the benefits of consuming kratom in all forms so that they can always feel comfortable and stress-free.
  • The seller offers discount coupons to regular customers.
  • They cover all of their bases and go out of their way to ensure customer satisfaction. Not only are their products very affordable, but they are also as good as Kratom products can be.

Satisfactory customer reviews are not lying when it comes to Kraken Kratom as they are indeed a remarkable vendor. They have established themselves as a reliable and trustworthy kratom brand. You can also learn more about the kratom by fo

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