A Kratom vendor that has been around for a long time over a decade, it goes by the name of Phytoextractum. It has a good range of popular Kratom strains as powder and, to make a long story short, this Kratom is consistently good.

While Phytoextractum is not a name that pops up regularly for discussion, when it does, there are always positive reviews and comments from long-time customers that consider this to be the best Kratom vendor for them. 

Let’s take a closer look at how Phytoextractum stacks up when it comes to the things that matter in this marketplace. 

Phytoextractum Product Range

After 10+ years in the business, the folks at Phytoextractum have developed one of the deepest all-natural medicine and herbal solution product catalogs in the industry, which is to be expected for a market leader like this company. 

What is even more impressive than that, however, is the fact that the company continues to add new products, new strains, and new options to its offerings on a pretty regular basis. 

  • Bali
  • Green Malaysian
  • Green Vein Thai
  • Maeng Da Thai Leaf (OG Red Vein)
  • Red Dragon
  • Red Vein Borneo
  • Red Vein Thai
  • Maeng Da Thai Powder (White Vein)
  • Red Sumatra
  • Super Indo
  • White Vein Borneo
  • White Vein Sumatra
  • Maeng Da Thai Powder (OG Red)
  • Yellow Vein Borneo
  • Yellow Maeng Da


Best Selling Products

Among the best sellers, the Yellow or golden vein is the most highly rated according to customer reviews. Best selling products are given below:

  • Enhanced Bali Kratom powder
  • Gold Elite Kratom Extract
  • Barong Indo Extract
  • Maeng De Thai Kratom Powder (white vein)
  • Sumatra Kratom Powder(red vein)
  • Full-spectrum Kratom Maeng Da Extract
  • Ultra enhanced Indo Kratom powder
  • Capsules of many Indo and Maeng da Strains

Types of Products

They offer a wide range of Kratom strains from different regions of the world. The products they offer are:

  1. Kratom Powder and Leaves
  2. Kratom Enhanced and Extracts Speciosa
  3. Kratom Capsules

Cost of Phytoextractum Products

The prices at Phytoextractum are not exactly the cheapest in the industry, that does not mean that they are sky-high, either. The prices are pretty cheap, especially for such good Kratom. You will find them on most of the classic strains the prices of kratom products here are very competitive and in line with what you had expected from a reputable, high-volume vendor like this.


Deals and Coupon Codes

As of the holiday season of 2019, their kratom strains are on sale for as much as 50% off. Their coupon codes are frequently offered to new and returning customers alike. They nearly always have some sort of discount offer available.

High-Quality Product

Above all else, a kratom vendor needs to sell high-quality kratom products with a high degree of consistency. They have a bunch of their protocols to ensure they give the best quality products.

Lab Testing

The raw Kratom obtained directly from the rain-forests undergo lab testing that is vigorous and involves chemical testing too to ensure the highest quality. 3rd party testing is also done.


On their websites, every vendor will tell you that they are the best in the market. Their website is very stylish and easy to use for buyers of all sorts. If you are looking to buy Kratom, this vendor is one of the sites you should visit.

Customer Service

Customer service in the kratom industry can be hit or miss, just like it is throughout the broader all-natural medicine and herbal supplement space. Some companies do a great job of taking care of their customers, others do an abysmal one, but most sort of sit in the middle of the road.

Payment Method

 Phytoextractum offers numerous ways for users to make the payment for the purchases. They are:

  1. Visa
  2. Master Card
  3. Bitcoin
  4. Debit card & Credit card

Shipping Method

The speed of delivery is going to be a huge competitive advantage for any online business. Phytoextractum does a great job in getting new orders out the door the same day that they come in, making them some of the fastest shippers in the kratom industry. 

  • They offer free same-day shipping in America.
  • All orders qualify for free USPS regular delivery and orders above $200 get a priority USPS mail.
  • Shipping is free for all orders above $75.

Return Service

Customers have the option to return an order if it does not meet the expected standards. Return requests should be made within 30 days of order arrival. The product should be unsealed and untampered. This seller is responsible only for the quality of products and the delivery of the wrong products.


Final Judgement About Phytoextractum

For over a decade now the folks on Phytoextractum have been considered to be one of the better kratom vendors on the internet. Phytoextractum vendors deal with quality kratom. With its vast experience, users can place orders of products that they need

  • Good Kratom. Importantly, the Kratom powder sold by this vendor is good. It works at a reasonable dose; I think you will like it.
  • This is very much a real deal business, selling top-quality kratom products at affordable and competitive prices.
  • They also offer some of the best transparency and customer service in the business.
  • The payment options are straightforward hence making it a legitimate online vendor.
  • They are providing high-quality kratom across a variety of different strains with some of the best and most competitive prices available anywhere.
  • Free shipping on all orders. No nasty surprises.

Finally, we can conclude by saying that, you can follow them to purchase your kratom product. They offer a variety of quality products at a reasonable price. One thing that gives them an upper hand is because they offer discounts and also do free and fast shipping. Since 2015, the brand is a name in the Kratom industry used by millions of people all over the world. For your satisfaction, you can check the given below reviews:

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