Kratom Kaps Review

This is a California-based vendor that has been operating in the U.S for a long time. It is a wholesale vendor and does not sell its products to the general public. Most people buy Kratom to consume it however, this vendor does not sell Kratom to consumers directly.

These types of products in bulk are only available in headshops or smoke shops. Many people do not develop trust in such stores very easily as there has been a stigma associated with Smoke shops for selling the wrong quality of products. 

Who Are Kratom Kaps?

This vendor in general claims to be the best kratom vendor in the market by providing the Kratom of the best quality. It is always easier said than done. The claims and promises are very easy to make. The point is when the promise maker sticks to his statement. Not providing the right quality to your customer is not only a fraud but it is a very bad act which should be reported.

Such websites who are merely working to scale up their business and fill their pockets earn nothing but a bad reputation. For a newbie or a user to have a great experience with Kratom, we try our best to give honest reviews. This vendor is a wholesaler with different affiliates and retails.

Kratom Kaps website is quite simple and well-designed. You do not have to wander around to get the thing you want as the information is simply attached to every product. You can make your purchase in just a click or two. People who have not tried out this vendor seems to have a very good and favorable opinion about the seller.

Newcomers and innocent fellows should do proper research about a specific brand or vendor before making the final purchase. This headshop has not a good reputation and has a bad name among the Kratom buyers. Well, the reason for this could be many factors. Some of these aspects are discussed below. 

Kratom Kaps

Strains Available

Being a headshop, Kratom Kaps do not produce a great range of Kratom strains. They have quite a simple range of strains that you can get from this vendor. Not having an overly large collection, the major four strains that you can find from their website are mentioned below: 

  • Bali
  • Indo
  • Malay
  • Maeng Da

Although, there is no such information that tells about the other sub-types of these strains and the veins they are. Except for these products, you cannot expect to get any other strain of product from this vendor. However, they have a great variety of Kratom capsules. This collection is wider and much more in number. You can get all kinds of capsules from them. 

Products Offered By Kratom Kaps

If you talk specifically about Kratom Capsules, this vendor has quite a large amount of variety. You cannot get this much of a long list from any other virtual online vendor. The huge and far big list of capsules available from Kratom Kaps is mentioned below:

  • Golden Reserve Capsules
  • Green Thai Capsules
  • Green Veined Blast Capsules
  • Green Vein Bali Capsules
  • Green Vein Supreme Capsules
  • Green Bentuangie Capsules
  • Green Blend Capsules
  • Green Borneo Capsules
  • Green Horned Leaf Maeng Da Capsules
  • Green Hulu Kapuas Capsules
  • Green Indo Supreme Capsules
  • Green Indonesian Capsules
  • Green Maeng Da Capsules
  • Green Malay Capsules
  • Green Riau Capsules
  • Green Sumatra Capsules
  • Green Thai Supreme Capsules
  • Green Veined Vietnam Capsules

Kratom Kaps

Costs and Price Range of Kratom Kaps

Based on the strain and the format of the size and details of the retail vendor, the prices are varied from one type to the other. These shops who work in wholesale make their prices a bit higher than others to stay for longer in the businesses therefore, you should not expect them to have cheap and less expensive prices.

You can find these prices from any other retail as well. But on the whole, Kratom Kaps has a competitive price range which is neither too little nor too much for anyone buying in bulk. If you have a tight budget then you should not go for this vendor as they will cost you much more than you expect. 

Coupon Codes Available at Kratom Kaps

Unlike other vendors, you are very less likely to get any discount code or coupon code from this vendor directly mentioned on their page. You will have to keep a special close eye on their pages and website to know if the vendor is giving out any discount. However, you are very less likely to get any specific coupon code as the vendor deals directly with wholesale buyers. 

The Reputation of Kratom Kaps

Many people on different review forums have said good and reviewed positively about them. Most of the reviews are very favorable for the vendor. Everyone has said good about the experience they have had with this vendor.

There is nothing wrong with saying that this vendor holds a good reputation among the public however, it cannot be counted among the top ones because it is yet to achieve that title. A person has stated that the vendor is very unresponsive and does not act responsibly. 

According to a buyer, Kratom Kaps did not respond to his query properly. When the customer asked him about the issue they are facing, the vendor responded in a very dry and irresponsible manner. They said, “We are unable to assist you in your issue and query”.

What if someone addresses you like this especially when it is about someone you are paying heavy amounts to? You would rather want to fire police complaints against them. Right? Well, not to be so optimistic, this vendor has just raised so many flags. Even if it’s concerning their customer service. 

Kratom Kaps

Customer Service offered By Kratom Kaps

We are not sure about the customer service offered by the vendor as they do not directly deal with the public. No one can vouch for their customer service and qualities as most consumers have not even dealt with them. However, the review forums are a great help. In this regard, a controversy emerged about this vendor back in 2019.

There is a lack of accountability and ownership claim which was reported by a vendor who experienced buying from this vendor. According to him, the vendor refused to accept and acted as if they do not sell any product of Kratom. However, until we reach them personally, we cannot complain or blame them for any reason. 

The Bottom Line

There has been a red flag raised about the vendor, no matter how much one insists, you always must do your own research before investing in any vendor keeping a safe hand. However, considering the facts we have mentioned above, we cannot be sure if this vendor is worth trying for you or not.

Like many other vendors, they have a very small inventory of Kratom and other supplements. No one can analyze their main objective. Many customers believe that this vendor cannot share what they are getting and where they are getting the Kratom from.

They cannot be accountable for their doings. 


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