The demand for kratom is increasing now a day. Kratom is a popular herbal product across the world. Many users are turning to it as it is helping them with problem-solving such as chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, and issues with a focus on attention. People using kratom, first of all, read the reviews about the kratom they are going to use, and they consume kratom.

It is good for users to read about kratom and then use it. I know you are also here for Botanical Bunny reviews. I would like to say that, my friend! You are in right place. Here I will try to clear out all your doubts about this Botanical Bunny. Well, so if you are interested shall we start? Let’s go.

Who Are Botanical Bunny?

There are many kratom vendors on social sites. It is difficult for the customers who are beginners in this field, to recognize which kratom vendor is legitimate and which is scamming with people. Reading reviews and posts on their site can help out the customers to identify which kratom vendor is actually helpful!

Botanical Bunny is a well-reputed company. It is based out of Texas. This Botanical Bunny also offers unusual products such as essential oils, specialty soaps, and raw herbs. This kratom vendor includes rarer products that are very difficult to find.
This kratom vendor was established early in 2017.

Botanical Bunny

Notable For

When they newly start this company, they based their company with few customers which were loyal, in part to give thanks to their active media presence and excellent customer care team.

This Botanical Bunny is also being one of them who deliver free samples to their customer who has a deep interest in kratom or has expressed some love in kratom strains. Also, this is a great way to grow a business. This devoted them to very happy customers.

What Have Botanical Bunny Got?

If a company has different strains in large quantities in the online store, it is one of the biggest selling points for this company. This kratom vendor contains 21 different useful kratom strains. Strains like wild green maeng da, red Banjar, red labia, and wild jongkong.

Any kratom that may help you for relief from pain, anxiety, and stress, and may fits your personal needs and preference; you can buy them, whatever quantity you want, in good packages. Some of their products are rare that may not find easily and very few retailers offer these kratom strain.

Botanical Bunny

How Much Do They Cost?

This kratom vendor offers most products similar to other vendors. Their price of kratom is genuinely remarkable, reasonable, and affordable. In the entire industry, they are the cheapest retailer, but they offer a great quality of products, unlike other kratom retailers. You can buy an ounce of kratom for just cost of 5 dollars which is half of the standard price of industry.

The prices from this retailer start at an incredible 5$. You can buy 100 grams of kratom strain just for 12.50 dollars. 200 grams of kratom strain at a very reasonable price, just for 25 dollars. There is also bulk offers available. Customers can buy a whole kilo bag of kratom strain for just 90 dollars. That’s a huge discount and impressive offers for customers.

Discounts & Promotion

This kratom vendor product’s prices start from a very small range and it also offers a huge discount and promotion codes for the loyal customers who come again and again. This discount option helps their company to maintain its reputation, popular and well-loved. This kratom vendor offers a flat 30% discount on every product that brings down the range of their low prices products.

This is the best advantage for customers. To receive the discounts and codes, you should be active on their social media site to take advantage of their discounts. This level of discounting shows that their company is sincere with their customers and how much they care about them.

Botanical Bunny Payment Options

Other kratom vendors generally offer the limited option for payment to customers, but Botanical Bunny offers unlimited options for the customers for payment. They accept all major credit cards. Other kratom vendors due to fear of legal ramifications offer limited options and do not accept all credit cards.

The credit card users can also pay with other alternative options, in which Paypal is most notable. If you are feeling any difficulty and insecurity about the payment option, you can reach out to the team for help, who are generally helpful and responsive.

Botanical Bunny

Customer Service

The team of this kratom vendor is very attentive and supportive. They are always working hard to satisfy their customers. Their customer service is extremely of high quality. They always try to satisfy their customers with their service. They always try to reach out to the customers, who have any problem.

They always try to fully update their customers with changes and important news through social media posts all of the time. If we talk about other vendors, they may take days to get back to customers.


  1. Some essential products other than kratom are available.
  2. The vendor is legit.
  3. The quality of the kratom strain is high.
  4. Some rarer kratoms are available.
  5. Have unlimited payment options.
  6. Customers review is excellent.
  7. The shipping service is fast.
  8. They offer international shipping.


  1. They do not offer Lab testing of products.
  2. They do not give free delivery.
  3. They do not offer cash on delivery.
  4. They do not accept refunds.
  5. They do not have capsules.
  6. They do not offer blends and extracts.


“,” says that:

“One problem with kratom is that it is a mixture of many different compounds whose levels can vary from preparation to preparation, making it quite difficult to determine what dose should be used,” Dr. Pasternak says. “People with cancer receive more effective and reliable pain relief with established painkillers.”

Dr. Yeung notes that concern about salmonella contamination makes it even more important to avoid kratom products. “One FDA analysis found that half of all kratom products evaluated were contaminated,” he says. “Because chemotherapy and other cancer treatments can weaken a person’s immune system, getting one of these infections could be very serious.”

MSK doctors stress that people with cancer should not take any herbal substances without first discussing it with their healthcare team.


Botanicals bunny is a promising vendor. It is a legit company; they provide the same products as they advertise them. The loyal customers or we can say the experience customers who trusted this vendor and uses their strains might be too mundane, but if you are a beginner at this kratom vendor you can take this product for the healing of pain and stress.

You might get a great quality kratom strain at a very cheap price from this kratom vendor. Their prices of kratom vendors are too low as they may afford by low-income people. If you are having any questions or having any difficulty they would love to resolve your matter and in just a minute they will respond to you.

Overall, this retailer is legit and is one of the easiest vendors of herbal products to recommend to beginners. We can hope that other kratom vendors should follow their role model when pricing their products.

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