Meridian Botanicals an Online Alchemist

Many people in the Kratom industry call it an imaginary store that does not exist in reality. However, to know more about this vendor, you should visit They are the real and most authentic online stores selling all types of botanicals and other accessories. They have made a great place in the Kratom industry as a nootropic vendor in the marketplace.

From ethnobotanicals to other accessories, this vendor has now started cementing its reputation as a Kratom seller as well. Since the time they introduce themselves as Kratom suppliers, the competition has reached another level now.

This is an online alchemist and you can expect to get all types of products from them. They have a good amount of Kratom inventory and they provide consumers with the purest reliable kratom compounds. 

Meridian Botanicals

Missouri-based Botanicals Vendor

Operating out of St. Louis, this vendor is a Missouri-based vendor. Their actions are better than mere words. If you visit their site, you will see all of their products and kratom inventory. Nothing is hidden from the people who visit their site.

Products like essential oils, herbs, glass tinctures, and some “dream herbs” are also available from their website. They have stated on their website that they have the best and the most organic compounds which are certified by the labs and statistical reports ensure the quality of their products. 

However, now that you are reading this article points out that you must have shared for Kratom from Meridian Botanicals or you are looking for the best vendors to buy Kratom from. This vendor along with a great stock of other oils and essentials has a huge variety of Kratom as well. Once you reach their website, you will nowhere see the word ‘Kratom’.

This could lead to confusion. To make it clear, be ready to look for “Mitra” as this word is used for Kratom on their website. Mitra is the short form of Mitragyna speciosa. This is the scientific name of the plant which produces Kratom. 

Products Meridian Botanicals Has to Offer

This vendor comes in a variety of products from different kinds of strains ranging from Indigo Malaysian to Snow White Thai. The names are very attractive and might make you fall in love with the product. The entire product line of Meridian Botanicals includes the following products. 

  • Gold Kalimantan
  • Green Bali
  • Green Borneo
  • Green Dragon
  • Green Hulu Kapuas
  • Green Malay
  • Green Vein Thai
  • Indigo Malaysian
  • Red Bali
  • Red Bentuangie
  • Red Borneo
  • Red Dragon
  • Red Horn Kalimantan
  • Red Kali MD
  • Red Vein Thai
  • Snow White Thai
  • Super Green Malay
  • White Dragon
  • White Malaysian
  • White Thai Maeng Da
  • Yellow Saffron Malay
  • Yellow Saffron Thai
  • Yellow Vietnamese

Meridian Botanicals

Superlative Strain of Meridian Botanicals

They are so many in number and you might feel it hard to choose from the list. The best one is definitely White Maeng Da which you should always try. Maeng Da is itself a great strain but this vendor has taken proper care of it. You can invest every penny in this product without the risk of wasting or losing your money in any way.

White Maeng Da is the highlight of the product line of Meridian Botanicals which you should not miss at any cost. It is very smooth, relaxing, and soothing. It gives you a calming feeling. Gives you a good sleep at the end of the day. 

Another significant strain that deserves the hype and fame is the Indigo Malaysian Strain. It is their special item having a fusion of different strains. It is grown in the Kalimantan region having a purple vein kratom strain. It is processed and ground in a very different way. It has a very rich-smelling aroma which will give you and your environment a great vibe.

You can enjoy the strains with your friends and family members and have a perfect evening. These strains are among the one which should definitely be very well-renowned for selling. These powders and strains are among the most potent and powerful ones. 

Crowd Pleaser Kanna of Meridian Botanicals

Except for their kratom and blue lotus sale, they have an exceptional Kanna product. It is a crowd-pleaser. It is a chewable Ayurvedic product, you can chew it whenever you want just like bubble gum. These powders are among the best options that you can try from this vendor. They are extremely potent and 100% organic.

Kanna comes from a tender and succulent plant with a scientific name as Sceletiumtortuosum. The processing, grinding, and drying process of this vendor is just perfect and the vendor sells the best organic compounds without the addition of any preservative fillers or harmful compounds. 

Meridian Botanicals

What Will it Charge You?

They are some of the most reasonable vendors that you can try out. Their prices are completely affordable and you do not have to put a burden on your pocket. Their rates are much less than the market charges. You can get the products at the following prices:

  • One Ounce for seven bucks
  • 112 grams for $22
  • 448 grams for $70
  • A kilo pouch for $140

There several Kratom vendors who are selling at this price however, their quality is worth this price. The purity of their herbs and products is definitely incomparable and unparalleled. 

Discount Coupon Offered By Meridian Botanicals

You can enter the coupon codes at the final checkout process. They offer several discount codes and you can search for them on the internet. You can search for the company name and you will get a range of coupon codes from the internet. This will help you in decreasing the total price of your bill. 

Shipment Program of The Vendor

After your transaction, you can get your order delivered to your doorstep in less than 5 days. It usually takes 3 to 5 working days for you to receive your order. Orders are usually processed within 3 days.

If you are eager to get your product then Meridian Botanicals also offers a same-day delivery service. To know more about the shipment policy, you can contact the vendor and know more about what they have in store for you. 

Meridian Botanicals Customer Service

The vendor has a good team of knowledgeable individuals who are prompt and they ensure to address all the inquiries of the customers. You can message them about the issues you are facing and are very likely to get your answers in less than a day. They will give you great detail about the products and will solve your concerns. 

Payment Methods of The Vendor

Many vendors in the internet marketplace have limited payment methods. However, this vendor accepts all kinds of debit cards and credit cards. Just a swipe away and you will get your products delivered to your doorstep. 

People’s Reviews About Meridian Botanicals

The vendor has definitely achieved love and a good consumer reputation. All the reviewers have nothing except good to say about this vendor. 

The Closing Finding

If you are an ethnobotanicals person and are looking for a suitable vendor then you should definitely give Meridian Botanicals a try. They have reasonable prices of products and have a good customer fan base. Be smart in your choices and do your own research before making any purchase. 


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