Negative Attention in The Industry

Gathering information about the customers and knowing the exact details is the requirement and need of every consumer. You obviously do not want to invest in products and vendors about which no one knows. Many vendors have a dappled image and are constantly in controversy. Many people strive to know about the reality and the truth behind each and every concept of the vendor.

Out of all the vendors, Mayan Kratom is among the ones having very negative attention in the industry of Kratom. This negative attention is sometimes because of the negative aspects and news about a seller and sometimes, it is only baseless which is created by haters without any evidence. Whatever may be the reason, the red flags that are raised once are hard to eliminate as you cannot change the perspective of each and every person.

Let us know more about this vendor which no one is sure about.

Details About Mayan Kratom

When it comes to Mayan Kratom, there is not so much positivity around. This brand is not in the good books of consumers. This vendor claims to be selling all the products which are FDA approved. However, the truth is not possibly true. We do not know about the sales record of this vendor but the stats show that this vendor is the third-best vendor currently operational in the United States.

Mayan Kratom is based in Florida but their selling centers are situated in California. Many reputable vendors and retailers stock up this vendor and their products, however, these issues have raised many red flags among the consumers even after knowing about the criminal charges imposed on the seller. Making such claims about kratom and its approval from the FDA is a bold act which the vendor has made.

Quality and the excellence of a vendor are far beyond the things that should be considered when the seller himself is making fake allegations. Having a grand theft charge on Mr. Todd increased the flames of the fire. This vendor does not offer a great deal of transparency. You might never get the answers to your questions when dealing with this vendor.

Knowing about the source of their Kratom products and strains will always be a big mystery that you would never be able to know about when you try to purchase products from this seller. You cannot say if the quality of a product matters or not when you do not know about the sourcing of products and have no idea where these products and strains come from. 

Mayan Kratom

Wesley Todd-CEO

The chief executive of this company is not an ordinary man. Even though he claims to be selling the best and the most high-quality products, the reality is different. Wesley Todd, who owns this brand has a significant criminal record. He has been involved in various criminal cases.

Some reviewers who were paid for reviewing the brand do not seem to approve of the reality however, to know about the reality of this vendor, you should better ask someone who has been a victim of this trap. No matter how good and excellent their products are, one cannot easily believe them even after hearing all these facts. 

What is a Shady Company?

There have been a great number of shady vendors who exist in the Kratom world. Many headshops, stores, and smoke shops are known for contaminating the products which they sell. This is the game of business. Many lucrative and rewarding businesses are players of this game. You have to be ready for the negative attention and hate of the people who want to degrade you and your retail for no reason.

Some off-label brands and dangerous sellers are themselves involved in polluting their products and selling the wrong substances to their customers especially when it comes to online dealing as the fraudsters are always active in the marketplace and are always trying to trap an innocent fish.

To stay safe from getting trapped, you all need to be watchful and in the case of Mayan, you will have to read till the end to explore if this vendor is among the ones who are doing nothing but trapping innocent and decent people. 

Five Strains Available From Mayan Kratom

Products that Mayan Kratom has got to offer are four different strains which are named as:

  • Green Malay
  • Maeng Da
  • Maeng Da Supreme
  • Red Vein Bali

Mayan Kratom Premium and Mayan Kratom Maeng Da are among the top picks of this vendor. Customers go crazy over these strains and love the quality of these products. However, they are way too less in number but are worth trying out. The mainstay of Kratom is definitely Kratom capsules which are always demanded in smoke shops and other headshops.

This vendor also sells a variety of different powders. Some smoking shops, tobacco shops, and other retailers resell their products on their own. That is it for the products the vendor has to offer to its customers. 

Mayan Kratom

Free Sample

If you want to try them out, you are suggested to ask them for a sample. Do not worry, you would not have to pay a single penny for the samplers you get as they are absolutely free of cost. It is a great approach to allure the customers to make them comfortable with the type and nature of the products the vendor sells. 

Price of Mayan Kratom Products

The largest red flag rises here when someone asks about the price range of this vendor as they do not provide any sort of details about their product price ranges. It is a complete mystery and none of the product rates have been listed on their website.

This is the most irritating aspect when it comes to online shopping as you have no clue about what a certain product would cost you. If you want to know about the prices, you will have to contact them on the given numbers posted on their websites. 

However, in some retail shops, you can get the products of Mayan at the listed prices. For 28 grams of Kratom powder, you would have to pay $28. This is a great amount and far above the average industry rate. The problem is the fact that why would a common man pay for an average product about which no one is assured about the quality. 

Delivery Procedure of Mayan Kratom

Dealing with Mayan Kratom is no less than a mysterious act as they are highly suspicious. Considering the above factors, it is another great issue. The shipment policy and the delivery charges are not available anywhere on their website. They have forgotten to mention any details about the policies of their shipment policy. 

Mayan Kratom

Customer Service offered

If you have any queries, you are directed to a page where you will be shown a long-form which you have to fill mentioning your problems as their phone number only works to accept orders. 

The Concluding Result

The question is if Mayan Kratom is reliable or not. The simple answer is a big NO. You should not take any risk especially if it is concerned with your health after all the vendor has been charged for violating the rules. 


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