Smoke Shops and Magnum Opus Botanicals

It is always a big struggle to find kratom extracts in smoke shops because you cannot trust smoke shops for not being reliable and selling authentic products. You never know what actually you are getting or the payment you are paying is getting wasted or not. This controversial situation kept on going until we found a great smoke shop which deals with Kratom extracts of different types.

Magnum Opus Botanicals is a company that produces the highest quality of products and their products go far beyond their name. People from all over the world try to approach them to get their hands on the best Kratom products. They are so far the most authentic brand that one can easily trust without any doubts.

Not only potent and effective products, but they also sell very pure and free from additive preservatives. They have definitely raised the industry standards and are quite famous in the Kratom world. Their products are exactly according to the customer demand. Read on to explore more about this vendor and its real facts.

Magnum Opus Botanicals 

Details About Magnum Opus Botanicals

Magnum Opus Botanicals has been operating in Denison, Tx which is also called the heart of Grayson County. Their reviews have laid a great impression on the people on the public forums. All of the kratom community have shared good experiences and have suggested this vendor on several forums.

If you try out looking out for this vendor, you will see people praising them for giving the purest products which hardly exist in today’s world. Their strategic approach, excellence, and quality assurance is the reason why they have reached this point and have achieved so much. Winning the love and respect of your customers and buyers is something sellers have to work day and night for.

The hard work never stops. Sellers are doing all the possible acts to impress their clients and this vendor has succeeded in doing so after a lot of effort. The only way to achieve this is to do employ research and keep on working hard to make the qualities of your products the best. Make sure to avoid adding dangerous additive fillers or preservatives. Purity is the key.

Statistical Testing

We have been stressing the fact how the Kratom extracts offered by this vendor are clean, pure, and are free from harmful substances and we were right. Here is the proof of their excellence. The products of this vendor are gone through statistical testing and laboratory testing and the reports are shown to the customers to ensure them about the quality.

The transparency of Magnum Opus Botanicals is the reason why it has achieved so much fame and respect. All of their products are strong and potent and some of the strains that are offered by this vendor are way too powerful and quite hard to find from any other vendor or store. Their Kratom extracts have something different and uncommon.

Their in-house testing is completely authentic. They only use certified food-grade solvents and the reagents are also proficient and qualified. Once buying from this store, you definitely need not worry about what you are getting is harmful or safe as there is no chance of adding dangerous fillers and substances that could harm your body or health. 

Products Magnum Opus Botanicals Offer

Three basic kratom tinctures are available in their stock. These are:

  • Pure M. speciosa Alkaloid Extract.
  • Liquid M. speciosa Extract.
  • Ultra-Enhanced Maeng Da Kratom Leaf Extract.

If you are a curious soul and want to try out the most distinct and different item then the vendor has a combo sampler for you in-store. You can get an amazing fusion of these extracts which would not only make it stronger and more powerful but shall also aid in enhancing the flavors because, at the end of the day, people only love what tastes good in their mouth.

Also, the extracts have a fine aroma which will make you fall in love with Magnum Opus Botanicals. Some of their pure powder strains which are available from the vendor are:

  • Gold Bali
  • Green Bali
  • Green Maeng Da
  • MO Remix
  • Red Bent
  • Red Maeng Da
  • Red Sandal
  • Stem & Vein
  • White Borneo
  • White Maeng Da
  • White Sandal

Magnum Opus Botanicals

Worth Range of Magnum Opus Botanicals

One gram of pure extract, the powder can be bought at $35 only. This is quite reasonable and does not cost much. Their rates are similar to industry-standard rates and would not burden your pocket. But you are not recommended to buy only a gram as the quantity of the main alkaloid in the kratom is pretty less.

Therefore, a normal Kratom user would prefer buying Kratom in no less than 100 grams. If you are a wholesaler and you want to buy in bulk then you can also get amazing discounts. 10 grams of kratom extract powder will only cost you $30. 

Magnum Opus Botanicals vs. Other Vendors

Although, if you wander around and look for certain reviewing forums, you will see people complaining about their prices and comparing this vendor to other stores. They are often criticized for selling the Kratom extracts at a higher price.

We admit that the vendor has quite expensive products and has competitive price ranges however, the reason for this will make you pay for their products without regretting it. If you buy from any other vendor at a cheaper rate, you will more likely end up feeling like wasting your money and your product will run out in no time.

Those extracts are not tested and have very less effect. Nevertheless, the products which you can get from Magnum Opus Botanicals are much more potent and lasts for longer times. A small quantity is enough for a normal man. The results are much clear now. Magnum Opus delivers exactly what they promise. 

Magnum Opus Botanicals

Payment Methods Accepted By The Vendor

Magnum Opus Botanicals accepts almost all the basic payment methods like cash on delivery, credit cards, cheque, or cash. Do not worry if you cannot pay through cash on delivery or do not have a credit card. This vendor understands everything and therefore has given you every possible way out to make it even convenient for you and your purchases. 

Strains of Kratom And Their Specifications

Some of the strains of Kratom are named by the color of the vein of its leaf. The basic three vein colors of the Kratom plant are Green, Red, and White. Magnum Opus has a good collection of various strains. All of these strains have different alkaloid concentrations therefore, their effects are different. Some are more potent and effective however others are very sedative and could make you feel slightly dizzy.

Kratom is a controlled substance and therefore is banned in some parts of the world but if you are looking for Kratom in a state where it is not banned then Magnum Opus Botanicals is the best choice for you.

The Bottom Line

If you are a Kratom extract lover and you are looking for a better place to exclusively get the extracts you want, you should definitely try Magnum Opus Botanicals and we assure you that you will never regret it. Be safe and make sure to look for discounts before trying them out. 


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