In the first place, before buying any product, it is better to check out about the product. I know you are here with the question that this kratom is legit or not? If I am not wrong, then dude you are in right place for the answer. So let’s start reading about Mystic Island Kratoms. 

South Pacific Kratom Vendor 

Mystic Island Kratoms, supply mitragyna speciosa to the south pacific. This kratom vendor is specialized in their veteran blends, they got original kratom powder and also they are protected by trade name. 

What Have Mystic Island Kratoms Got To Offer?

I think there are not many suppliers who may supply such delicate and trustful herbal mixture as the folks at M I K. In the following some of their small percentage products are defined:

  • Bentuangie
  • Green Borneo
  • Green Vietnam
  • Red Hulu Kapuas
  • Red Papua
  • Super Green
  • White Horn
  • Yellow Borneo

Mystic Island Kratoms

Mystic Island Kratoms Best Strains

In their online stores, I can see incredible ratings on their display. I would have to say that Super Green Malay and gold Bali are their best and original strain from all of their products. Super Green Malay braces beaucoup while gold Bali soothes at higher dosages.

If there is a deadline for someone’s work or project, gold Bali may be best for crushing out their stresses. Red beanie and green Borneo are also included in their top classic original strain which has an extended life and good and amplified aroma.

Top 4 Mystic Island Kratoms Gems

  • Aquamarine 
  • Mystique
  • Sapphire 
  • Turquoise 

Best Mystic Island Kratoms Blends

When red and white vein Mitra powder is blended Aquamarine is formed. Aquamarine is ideal and useful for day time use. It may save your marriage and may stand you up to bullies. Although sellers claim that this mixture leads to a bit of misunderstanding. When a mixture of a red and white vein is blended with gold and yellow vein kratom Mystic is produced. It is also called a mystery blend.

The mystery isn’t for the unadventurous as it is the seller’s mystery blend. When a mixture of green, red, white, and yellow vein kratom is blended Sapphire is produced. It is a pure mixture as it is rejuvenating. Sapphire may be the same product as it is advertised.

The consumer said that they feel strong and energetic after one cup of sapphire. When another red and white vein kratom blend is done turquoise is formed. At the right level, it is pretty chill and it is invigorating.

Mystic Island Kratoms Phatcracker

Mystic island kratoms values so much to their customer that for specialty blend they invite them to submit their feedback and ideas. When an exotic blend of mystic unicorn and amethyst is done, Phatcracker is formed. This that cracker is suggested by one of their users who goes by that cracker.

Phatcracker contains a soft, fluffy, and earthy aroma. It is a serene tea that is famous for its positive vibes and temperance. It is a mixture of red and green vein kratom, so if anyone has a sensitivity to either or both may use it with precautions.

Mystic Island Kratoms

What it’s going to cost me? 

In the western world, their prices are some of the cheapest you are likely to find. Their prices start from just 3 dollars to 25 grams. And currently off at a mere 69 dollars for a full kilo.  

Mystic Island Kratoms Coupon Codes

 Mystic Island Kratom regularly introduced new discounts and sales, including combine or treat blowouts. To their regular customers, they have provided promotion codes and discounts for split kilos and on more products. 

People Sayings

Mystic Island Kratoms reviews have been showing graduates, pleasure, or approval in an unrestrained adoration in their brand or company. Consumers said, that “I have ordered many strains and used them so far. Without a doubt, they are the best vendor we have tried”.

Some consumers said, that “I have tried so many kratoms have problems with them that they do not work but when I found Mystic kratom my tons of problems are solved. I have sampled a lot of mystic kratoms and most of them work but a mystic vampire is the best batches I ever had in the past 3 years.

Elsewhere, one customer review, “My friends always helped me out from any problem I had. I was just going to give up on kratom as I used kratom again and again and not working until my friends suggested to me about mystic kratom and I used it and it worked. Now I can go back to my labor job with a fraction of pain as before can’t stress enough what does that means”. 

Mystic Island Kratoms Pros 

  • Natural leaves
  • Safe packaging
  • Large variety
  • Bitcoins are accepted
  • E-mail invoice payments are acceptable 

Mystic Island Kratoms Cons

  • This kratom vendor does not give lab results.
  • They have limited payment options.
  • They do not give free samples.


Some companies are getting a bad reputation for their kratom not being of the highest quality as they show in the advertisement. People who were using their product was not experiencing the effects as they were promised. People were happy with the result they were seeing from mystic island kratom. People start feeling happy after they used herbs used to give a feeling of euphoria and helps people feeling calm down. People do not feel jittery but energetic. People start feeling confident about themselves and open up to other people after using this kratom.

Ordering Mystic Island Kratoms

When you want to give an order but after reading cheap prices you may be doubtful about quality is low, will not work, etc. But when you will read out their reviews you may clear from doubts. 


  • Mystic vampire
  • Mystic mermaid
  • Mystic ruby

Mystic Island Kratoms


Mystic Island Kratom offers 24 hours delivery. It is a US-based online store. When they started their online operations there was no information about their physical operation. However, still there is no more information about their physical location. Since 2017, this kratom vendor is in operation, based on their social print.

However, they are not much visible on social media, with mostly idle official social media accounts. 

Differ Prices For Differing Kratom 

Mystic kratom offers such cheap prices that anyone can afford. They do not demand many prices for products. This is the place where they always shine. There prices list are as follow:

  • $3 for 25g
  • $9 for 75g
  • $15 for 125g 
  • $25 for 250g 
  • $37 for 500g 
  • $69 for 1kg


This online south pacific suppliers got everything for everyone. Got any problems? You may use their product for a solution. Do not believe me or not have trust in kratom more? Just go to their online store and have trust again in mystic kratom products. Familiarize yourself with their 50+ proprietary blends.

This may be worth trying because you may get new affordable prices and may get new strain according to your problems. It is very easy to connect with them. If you had some questions about kratom you can ask them and they will respond to you immediately.

These guys made it very easy to place a kratom order and they want to make it more simple. You may get the best deals from mystic kratom vendors and many more discounts than maybe affordable to you.  

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