I guess you heard about Yo Kratom from social media or from a friend. Yes, you are in the right place. I will give great information about this vendor so just stay tuned and let’s start our review.

Who Are YoKratom? 

One of the many companies that are offering the best kratom at cheap prices, Yo Kratom is one of them who also offers the best and pure strains at cheap prices. This kratom vendor gained a good reputation and mostly reviews about their store’s cheap prices.

But, the main question is that, are they really selling kratom at cheap prices or not? If they are, so, what shortcuts have they made to achieve these prices? Is this shortcut being harmful to their reputation or not?  

Yo Kratom

What Yo Kratom Has to Offer?

I Will not right much but, only tell you the truth about this kratom vendor. Like other kratom vendors, Yo Kratom is also very successful in the kratom community, and it is one of the leanest product lines. This kratom vendor contains a total of seven kratom strains including, White Borneo, Green Maeng Da, Red Bali, and Green Vietnam, to choose from.

For people who love discounts and deals on products, there is good news for them that, Yo Kratom offers reasonable and affordable deals on kilos, so, this vendor may be the best choice for a person who is buying kratom powder for first. 

What YoKratom is Going to Cost Me?

This is the place where Yo kratom shines. This is the place where thighs get more attractive. Their kratom strains starting range is 25 dollars for 250g. Other kratom vendors charge 20 bucks for only 25 to 28 grams. Customers after knowing this price lose their confidence in kratom products. Many well-known shops sell kilos for many high prices but this kratom vendor sells it for just 60 dollars which is more than half of many kratom stores. 

YoKratom Shipping & Customer Service

Yo Kratom offers their customers good quality kratom strain with good packaging. For shipping options, this kratom vendor offers a variety of shipping options, from UPS to FedEx or UPS Extra. On the same day, most of the products are shipped out the same day and payment is received.

While their process of quickly shipping out, may look attractive, but their customer service looks less attractive. Unlike, other kratom sites that boast live chat features and toll-free customer support lines, Yo Kratom only gives you an E-mail address for contacting them.


Here are few positive things about this kratom vendor that they giveaways their kratom products to customers, kratom powder quantity as much as 2 kilos. Plus, the best deals for customers, plus, they offer all major credit cards. Few other kratom vendors might do this.

Some negatives things are, they do not share their location and address of the shop. They do not offer lab samples. Other kratom vendors may give information about how their company came into being but this kratom vendor does not give information about how their company came to be.


The big red flag for me is the lack of transparency where their kratom powders are concerned. I mean you do not know if they are lab-tested or not. You also do not know if it 100% kratom originally or any additives are added. I guess the only solution to this is to try them.

YoKratom Coupon Code

Discounts lovers always are in search of great discounts or some coupon codes etc. Well, the fact is that we all love discounts on our favorite products. Fortunately for those seeking deep discounts, people who have more than one coupon code, now may get free coupons and products for 50% off. When these coupon codes are not verified by the kratom vendor they may expire them.

Yo Kratom

What Are People Saying About Yo Kratom

People are not saying much but saying the truth. The kratom users are always vocal about new kratom vendors and they experience the same, but with this vendor kratom, this happening may not appear yet. The only review was found that how their product order was put on hold. But, unfortunately, this review was deleted from the source by moderators per r/kratom policies.

Bottom Line 

Yo Kratom products may not seem like a legit process. Their products may seem less pure, may not natural, and far less potent than their competitors. Well, I don’t think so, anyone will recommend this product to customers because they do not share their product making source. 

Product selection

This kratom vendor listed all strains. So it becomes easy for people to find out their favorite strains. Some strains are available in powder form and a few in capsulated form. Strains are listed in the following:

Red Maeng Da.

Green Maeng Da.

White Maeng Da.

Red Bali.

Green Malay.

Green Borneo.

White Borneo.

Red Borneo.

Super Indo.

Red Hulu.

Green Hulu.  

Train wreck Kratom Powder.

Green Vietnam.

Yo Kratom

Yo Kratom Product Quality

When we go out shopping, first we look for the price then for quality of that product. If quality is best or cheap then we decide for buying or leaving that product. The fact that the kratom vendor does not mention anything about this. What concern is that this vendor does not mention anything about this.

A business that is legit as their product is legit like what they advertise may be recommended highly. Many companies are publishing the Certificate of Analysis on their websites, while others are willing to email you the same if you contact them. 

Yo Kratom Stimulant Effects

In this kratom vendor, a small number of grams are indicated by European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA), which produces stimulant effects. These effects may occur within 10 minutes after taking it or you can say that after ingesting it and can last up to half hours. These impacts may include: 




Reduced motor coordination


“Medshot.com,” says that:

“Kratom sounds like it could be kryptonite’s second cousin. In fact, it’s an herbal supplement that’s said to have some pretty extraordinary superpowers. According to its fans, kratom can reduce pain and help drug users recover from addiction. But critics say it’s a dangerous opioid just like heroin and oxycodone, and they want the federal government to ban it.

Some states and cities have already done just that. Kratom, an herbal medicine derived from the leaves of a tree found in Southeast Asia, is easy to find in much of the US. In many places, all you need to do is go online or visit a nearby head shop to buy kratom tea or kratom capsules”.


Kratom may be used extensively for both medical and non-medical uses, as it is proved by evidence and study. Kratom and kratom-derived products or drugs may positively be used to avoid pain or we can say that for the healing of pain, opioid withdrawal symptoms, and other clinical problems.

At the same time, serious questions remain regarding the abuse, addiction potential of kratom, and the potential toxic effects. This problem is confounded because of less quality of kratom and they do not control it, by standardization in the product and by the sale of kratom products.

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