I see that you searched for this, well duh you did. Why else you would here then. This means you are looking for a good vendor. This also means you have used kratom before and if not then this is your first try and you want to be sure. Or, you brought kratom before from another vendor and you just didn’t like it and now you are searching in google about coptisine and this page came along.

Well, don’t worry my friend because you are in just the right place because I’m going to give each and every little detail possible about Legit Kratom so you could at the end decide on your own. So if you are interested then let’s start.

Is it Really Legit Kratom? 

Few things in this world you feel weird but are genuinely too legit to quit, like, youthful booty of J. Lo’s and Al Yankovic’s can parody popular music. When it comes to the point of medicines, drugs, and other products used for health, it is harder to point out the things that are really legit and beneficial for health.

TGM Store offers the unique strains with the best quality kratom products for kratom lovers

There are very few reliable sources for all-natural products. The only vendor who has rightfully earned their position as a legitimate supplier or company is the aptly-named legit kratom. 

Legit Kratom? 

Who is Legit Kratom?

Legit Kratom operates out of Pinellas county. This kratom vendor is a Florida-based vendor. In St. Petersburg Clearwater there are 24 local places where kratom may be found to buy, this kratom vendor is one of them.

When it comes to legit kratom, TGM Store is serving batter than any vendor

Unlike, in Pinellas county area smoke shops are serving greater, online store, named as, LK, served premium kratom powder that may be purified after lab test, maybe fresh, natural and potent. For the first customer, the company offers a free sample of kratom for proving their legitimacy and for gaining trust.

People who want to try out a new strain can buy their sample with just an amount of 1 dollar. A strain like Legit Green Maeng Da was recently added to their site.

What They Have Got to Offer?

Legit Kratom has everything for everyone. Products like, kratom capsules, kratom extracts, CBD are found from this kratom vendor. Kava extract, wild lettuce, blue lotus, and Legit Nugs CBD hemp flower are kratom alternatives and are also found from this kratom vendor.

Currently stocked strains list are in following:

  1. Green Bali
  2. Green Borneo
  3. Green Maeng Da
  4. Green Malay
  5. Kayako Green Bali
  6. Kayako Red Bali
  7. Kayako White Bali
  8. Kavako Premium Maeng Da
  9. Coptisine Blend
  10. Premium Bali
  11. Red Bali
  12. Red Borneo
  13. Red Maeng Da
  14. Super Green Thai
  15. Super Indo
  16. White Borneo
  17. White Malay
  18. White Sulawesi
  19. Yellow Borneo
  20. Yellow Maeng Da
  21. Yellow Malay

Legit Kratom

What’s Legit Kratom going to Cost Me?

15 dollars are the starting price of all their kratom powder for 50 grams. 25 dollars for 100 grams, 45 dollars for 250g, 70 dollars for 500 g, and low from industry rate, a kratom is sold for 120 dollars. People who first want to try a sample can buy it for 20 dollars.

Shipping & Customer Service

Legit Kratom’s packages are shipped via USPS Priority Mail and UPS. Kratom vendor orders come with tracking information. As you know about the current condition, International orders for shipping are not allowed at this time.

This kratom company gives a lot of contacting detail like E-mail, mailing, address, phone number, and a contact form. In case, if the customer asks some question from the vendor they may respond immediately.   

Payment options

Coptisine allows their customers to use a range of payment methods including COD (Cash on Delivery), personal check, cashier’s check, or postal money order. Alas, they cannot accept credit cards at present.

On Legit Kratom, they have made it clear that they are attempting to correct this in the future. For the more privacy-conscious consumers among us, they now accept Litecoin and Zelle. 

People Reviews About Legit Kratom 

Some people say that their packaging is so well & durable. Their product is sealed well. Some people think that a name like this may earn them huge credit and reputation in the community, but it is kind of handicapped them. Few said that I have only one complaint about this kratom vendor that it’s their lack of name recognition.

Some customers said their product is so good and excellent. Adding in reviews they said that we would say this kratom vendor is a good solid vendor. Others said that the only thing they have to do is to have few more Red or Green strains in their selections.  

Coupon code

30% off at 250 & 500 grams of powder. 20% off at sitewide. 

Legit Kratom Capsules

Capsules containing kratom extract may help to cure stomach pain or irritation that we get from plain powder. Kratom capsules may give smooth energy to your body. Capsules may help you to feel relax from migraines. Capsules may give you energy and motivation for standing in the community.

Their capsules are legitimate and original kratom.

Legit Kratom Product line

Customers who love looking at a wide variety of options may love this kratom vendor shop. You may get all the things from this shop like capsules, powder, crushed leaf, or extracts for capsules, this vendor got everything for you.  


  • Green Bali 
  • Green Borneo 
  • Green Maeng Da

Crushed Leaf

  • Borneo 
  • Maeng Da


  • Green Borneo 
  • Green Maeng Da 
  • Green Malay 
  • Red Borneo 
  • Red Maeng Da 
  • Super Green Thai


  • Gold Reserve Powder Extract
  • Liquid Kratom Extract

This kratom vendor also stocks a diverse mixture of other products, including CBD Gummies, Kava Extract Powder, and the Digi Weigh Scale

Legit Kratom

Customer Reputation

On the I Love Kratom forum there is a great discussion about this kratom vendor. This vendor company scored overall 81 marks out of 100 from a reviewer. Few other forum members comments are as follow:

Top-quality vendor.

It is very clean.

It is a good solid vendor. 


There is also the concern of fake or even synthetic chemicals entering the market and being peddled as “genuine” kratom. That is exactly why you, as consumers, need to be extra careful while buying kratom or giving it to someone you care about.

It is very easy to dupe unwary customers who are only expecting to see some green- or red-colored powder, thinking it is the magical cure for pain, inflammation, sleeplessness, anxiety, or plain exhaustion. While many users who have experienced genuine kratom say that it can truly do all those things, inexperienced customers may easily be duped.

To make sure you are getting what you rightfully deserve as a customer, you need to know what to look for in a product. Admittedly, that is quite difficult for most users.


People may love their offer of the sample with a cost of just 1 dollar, and their 30-days guarantee too. They may have affordable prices, an easy website to use, and the most demanded products. As they advertised their product they are living up to their name.

The only negative thing is that this kratom vendor does not use electronic payments, but accepts checks, COD, money orders, and cashier’s checks. I think it might not be a deal-breaker for people.

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