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Claiming something is the easiest thing one can do. You can claim anything about yourself. Praising yourself and your products just to give a good impression to your audience or competitors is what most brands and companies do.

However, we would rather call them foolish as long as they are trying to play around with other people as everyone in this world has quite a good knowledge of kratom because of its popularity which is increasing by each passing day. It hurts even more when a kratom enthusiast or true lover sees vendors claiming and promising what they usually do not deliver.

But, we have someone who is one, “Kratom One” of those vendors as it calls itself “America’s no.1 Vendor”. Well, it is quite a bold claim considering the number of vendors who are doing the same but not offering the services which others might expect from them in return. We cannot judge them as it is the duty of a consumer to share their experiences with other people and let them know about what others claiming is true or not.

Nevertheless, we are going to get into brief detail about this vendor and will see if this number one vendor is someone worth trying or someone that should be ignored.

Kratom One

Lack of Transparency in Kratom One

The vendor itself is a not so fancy one as they do not believe to present themselves to their customers in order to gain attention. As funky as their name sounds, their website is thoroughly threadbare. They appear to be not so expert in this field as they do not share much about them and their products on their web page.

When it comes to being the number one among all, most consumers expect the number one brand to at least show the traits of a trusted vendor that might make them a reliable one. However, Kratom One lacks in transparency and are not so honest about their policies. You would not find the shipping policy, return policy, conditions, pricing, payment methods, and how to get your product from them.

Most people are a fan of their simplistic website and call them very minimalistic vendors. Nevertheless, a little bit of decoration on your page is important as it is the way to attract customers. If not decorating the page, one must at least show the necessary information. This lack of transparency output is what makes many kratom enthusiasts not a fan of them.

About Us page

When a company does not share much about their policies, to check if they are the trusted source or not, a consumer’s first approach is to have a look at their About us page. If not about us then you can obviously check out the FAQ section. Alas! This company has nothing to tell you about themselves.

This act is quite irritating as no one wants to invest their money on someone’s products about which they know nothing about. Literally, everyone has been a victim of online fraud and the rest of them are afraid of becoming one. The About Us page of this vendor shows nothing but a single paragraph. Looks like their website designer or content writer was the owner himself.

One way to become more loved and trusted in the eye of the consumer and Kratom family is to disclose information about yourself and your company as this will genuinely impose a positive impression on your audience. Their product page only contains about 30-40 posts which are no less than six months old. No updates and nothing.

Only a couple of testimonials that seems to be written by some robots. On the whole, neither we nor any reviewer has any idea from where this seller gets and sources their products from. We all are clueless in this regard and as long as the seller reveals this information himself, no one might be able to know their real truth which is still behind the curtain.

Kratom One

Product-Line of Kratom One

This vendor does not tell about where these strains come from but they offer a good variety of some very famous strains. This vendor has the exception of having a good product line. They have a uniqueness in this regard and we cannot deny it for sure. This seller offers a variety of kratom strains which includes the following ones:

  • Red Horn Kratom
  • White Fire Kratom
  • Super Green Kratom
  • Bali Kratom
  • Malaysian Kratom
  • Tri-Force Kratom

Their products are quite aromatic, fine, and fairly-effective. These strains are not too strong to handle and certainly will not make you high. If you are a visitor and would like to know about the best strain this vendor has to offer then it goes without saying that “Tri-force kratom” is their best one from the Kratom inventory.

This is not a product of a strain. Tri-force is a combination of three other strains as its name suggests. It is a blend of red, white, and green strain. The fusion of these strains usually does not produce a good outcome, however; in this case, many people love this blend. The only reason behind their sale could also be tri-force. People are a great fan of this strain.

Rating of Kratom One

The starting and cap-off price is not of much difference. Sounds interesting? Though, it seemed weirder as their starting price is just $25 and their product rates end at $29. This is quite suspicious. Just a pouch of an ounce of their kratom is for $25. Most companies sell the same quantity for $10 or $15 only.

There a lot of factors that are considered when it comes to sourcing Kratom from its homeland which is the Southeast Asian lands. The process involves harvesting, drying out of leaves, leaf processing, and lab testing which is mandatory to ensure the quality of the Kratom. All of this adds up to the final price.

However, if someone is selling you at lower prices, there can be something fishy. Be watchful in order to stay safe from getting trapped.

Kratom One

Kratom One Deals and Voucher Codes

The Kratom one discount codes can range from 10% to 15% off your final price. You can get the discount and coupon codes for this vendor from the website itself or from other websites. You can also get their sampler packs for $7.00 only if you are a newbie and want to try them out.

The sample packs are a combination of some strains. Kratom seekers can obviously try out the sample packs to know if what this vendor is offering is actually worth buying or not.

Delivery Strategy

Another thing that sets this vendor apart from others is their fast shipment. You can get your package delivered within two days through Priority Mail.

Kratom One Customer Service

The staff at Kratom One is quite prompt and vigilant. You can get your answers from the knowledgeable customer sales representatives.

Final Verdict

You should definitely reach out to them with caution as this vendor has raised many red flags. They still have to do much more to impress the customers. You should try their samples before making the final order purchase to see what this vendor is all about.

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