Some kratom vendors are here today and gone tomorrow, they materialize and then vanish in the blink of an eye. Many vendors are working today online and locally. They offer different products but do not stand because of their bad quality and poor service. One company that has been around for a while now is Kratom Eye, a kratom vendor that has landed on many top kratom vendor lists.

Lets have a detailed look on this kratom vendor.

Kratom Eye Trustable Vendor

Kratom eye is relatively a new vendor and started working in 2014 and has gained a good reputation among many vendors. They claim that their aim to serve the best kratom on earth by sacrificing quantity over quality. Many vendors in the Kratom industry are offering products at very high prices but Kratom Eye’s prices are average.

Their products are made only from the fresh leaves of Kratom, and they have incorporated a multi-filtration process to make sure that the product’s impurities are removed.

Today we will discuss this kratom in detail. We will talk about their products, prices, services, good and bad sides deeply, if you are interested then keep on reading.

Kratom Eye

Products of Kratom Eye

They provide customers with a full product line. All the products are pure, natural, and unique. There are different kinds of kratom strains that they offer on their website. All strains are of good quality such as:

  • White horned kratom
  • Green horned kratom
  • Red horned kratom
  • Exclusive Red vein Maeng Da
  • Exclusive Green vein Maeng Da 
  • Pimp Grade Maeng Da
  • Great White
  • Hocus focus 
  • Kali Maeng Da
  • Exclusive green Hulu Kapuas 
  • VENUS 
  • White Lightning 
  • Kratom Stem and vein 
  • Super Green Malay 
  • Red vein Borneo
  • Sample pack  

Kratom Eye

Homemade Products

Kratom eye also involves some of their homemade products like Kratom soap and Kratom alternatives such as Palo Santo Stick, stems, and vein powders. You can easily select your desired product from their amazing list of different products.

Quality Guarantee

What about the quality of products that Kratom Eye sells, you may ask? This is the first question we always ask. Kratom Eye makes things easy for us they state on their website that they use the highest safety standard for all their products, which means you will get the best quality of products when you purchase from them. 

Lab Tested Product

The main purpose of the seller is to maintain quality at any cost, for this surety they (kratom eye) have not reduced the price because quality and perfection do not come easily.

For this reason, the products are thoroughly lab tested. Products are tested in the USA at Accredited facilities to make sure about the biological properties and presence of heavy metals and contaminations in the kratom. After all the tests customers get high-quality products.

Customer Support

Customer service is one of the key points of a company where any the company can fall and anyone can rise. Their customer support staff is truly amazing. Their service is available to help you Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. You can also contact them through email. Their customer service staff is very professional. If you have any queries related to products, you can simply contact them easily. 

Shipping Service

They have excellent shipping service for their customers. If an order is shipped before cutoff time which is 12.30pm, it will be shipped the same day. Hours of operation are 9 am-5 pm from Monday to Friday. Free shipping is applicable on orders above $49.

Tracking Service

They have a special service for their customer base which is a tracking service. You can also access the order tracking number from the vendor’s website. The order tracking number helps you check the condition of your delivery. An order tracking number is sent in the Completed Order emails sent to you as soon as your order processing is complete. 

Kratom Eye Return and Refund Service

They also offer a-refund and return policies too. Products can be exchanged or returned in case if the product is unopened or is in its original condition. Shipping charges of return will be paid by the customers and a fine fee of 13.5% will be deducted from the customer’s account.

Kratom Eye

Pocket-Friendly Price

They are certainly not the cheapest vendor around, but they are far from the most expensive. Buying bulk kratom powders in kilos, a 28-gram package of kratom powder is only $6.25 which is below the standard rate of $20 per 28 grams. Kratom Eye is not the most inexpensive vendor but they are much better than the other expensive vendors.  

Discount Deals and Promotions Codes

Kratom Eyes tries to satisfy its customers with exclusive discounts. It would make it easy for customers to buy their favorite products with amazing offers. As well as they provide daily promotions such as 10% off and a free sample on qualifying orders. It is also easy to find a kratom eye coupon code online. 

Customers Feedback

Customers have had lots of good things to say about this product and the services of Kratom Eye. Customers look quite satisfied with the products, quality customer service too. Read below some customer reviews on Kratom Eye:

  • They say that their house blends are simply satisfying and their deep red Kratom is worth buying.
  • Subscribers of Kratom Eye are happy to be a part of a shop that delivers to them the desired range of variety. You can choose the one to take depending on the requirements of the day.
  • Some users saying that they ordered fresh Kratom and the quality was good.

Summing Up

This vendor has a strong reputation and even stronger kratom strains. Since 2015 they have been steadily racking up likes and followers on their social accounts and receiving positive feedback from satisfied return customers. 

Go with this one if you want a trustworthy kratom option. After reading this review may be a lot of things got clear in your mind that what to choose and what not to choose. So do not waste your time, go and get your kind of choice.

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