Indeed it is very difficult to find out legitimate vendor, whose products are legit, pure, and potent. That may help you in relieving you from instant pain, trauma, and anxiety. My friend, I know you are here in search of a good repetitive and legit kratom vendor because now a day’s there are so many scammers.

Now, you might be thinking about me that, I am a mind reader, but my friend, I am just here as your well-wisher. This review might help you in finding a legit kratom vendor. If you are interested then shall we start? Let’s go.

Who Are Inland Botanicals?  

Inland Botanicals are operating their work from Texas. Inland Botanicals is an operating form of Corpus Christi. They are specialized in several proprietary blends. In the scene, they are not the cheapest kratom vendors in town, but they are 100% committed to providing high quality, fresh, pure, and potent to the real kratom lovers.

They are also considered as a full-blown herb brand and not just a regular kratom store because apart from kratom selling, they are also dealing with detox packs and body bars.

Inland Botanicals

What do they offer?

Whoever will search for Inland Botanicals, their first step should be, to visit the Inland botanicals website, they may be particularly surprised because the site layout and interactive design are so cool.

The reason for customers to leave an excellent review is that unlike other kratom vendors this kratom vendor also has an intuitive website that is designed to leave a good impression on kratom lovers. The products that they offer are in a wide range. These include the following:

  1. Green Maeng Da
  2. Green Bali
  3. Red Bali
  4. Red Hulu Kapuas
  5. White Bali
  6. White Thai
  7. White Indo
  8. Gold Maeng Da 
  9. Green Horn
  10. Green Malay
  11. Red Borneo
  12. Red Man Da
  13. White Borneo
  14. Yellow Maeng Da

Inland Botanicals Proprietary Kratom Blends

This Inland botanical is most popular for its proprietary kratom blends. Their blends are Green Lantern, Yellow Brick Road, Counting Sheep, Counting Sheep, and Solar Flare. When yellow, green, and gold leaves are blend together Yellow Brick Road is formed. When white, red, and gold leaves are blended together Solar Flare Blends is formed.

The blend of red, green, and white kratom forms a Bulgarian blend. While White Maeng Da kratom has a secret strain. Overall, there is no doubt that Inland Botanical is a master of blends.

Inland Botanicals

How much they cost? 

Let’s have a look at their reasonable prices. The main thing about them is that their kratom packs start at 10 grams. The price of most kratom strains starts from 4 dollars. It is good for those customers who do not know what they want because they are new buyers. The packs of 1 kg cost 120 dollars. 120 dollars is the industry average price.

There blends price start from a very reasonable and affordable price of 4.5 dollars for a 1 kg kratom strain. These prices go up to 145 dollars for 1 kg. If you are looking for kratom capsules, then you have to rely on another well-reputed kratom vendor, because Inland Botanicals do not sell any kratom capsules.

What people are saying?

On social sites, every customer is saying positive reviews about this kratom vendor. Every customer is particularly happy with their kratom products and service. Furthermore, they received the most appreciation for their proactive customer service. Some customers say that their prices are slightly higher than other kratom vendors.

But overall, every customer is happy and positive about this kratom vendor products and service. Their highest priority is customer satisfaction. If we talk about google reviews, then google rate it 5 out of 5, but the rating is always based on 12 different opinions.

One opinion from all is of their company’s owner, Nathan, for the sake of good reputation and excellent customer service.

How Safe Are Inland Botanicals Products?

This Inland Botanicals product is legit and 100% pure. They claim that their products are additive and chemicals free. But there is only one problem about this vendor that, this kratom vendor is not verified by the American Kratom Association’s GMP program. So we don’t know if its manufacturing process is safe, legit, and up to standards.

The most interesting thing about this kratom vendor is that they test their sample by different individuals before it is put up for sale, instead of getting a test in a lab. Just think about those five poor guys. This is of course, is a bit unethical. This is a less reliable method to test for safety and efficacy. This looks serious concern.

But we can take the company’s word on it. This kratom vendor seems honest. This company never made false claims about kratom strains. FDA has not reviewed or approved kratom for any illness.

Inland Botanicals

Shipping and payment options

This kratom vendor ships to all locations in the USA except Indiana, Alabama, Arkansas, Sarasota County (Florida). If you are outside of these locations, before ordering it line, it is always a good idea to check your local laws regarding kratom strain. This company ships to Mexico and Canada too.

This company does not offer free or same-day delivery, but if you are ordering before 2 PM; you will receive it within 1 and 2 days. This kratom company offers various shipping options, like USPS first class and if you want to receive your order within 1 or 2 days then chooses Express shipping.

This company offers five different methods for payment options like Venmo/CashApp, eCheck, Bitcoin, Money order, and other cryptocurrencies.


  • The different blends are available.
  • This company offers good kratom variety.
  • This kratom vendor offers a good variety of packing, the company calls these bundles.
  • This company received positive customer feedback.
  • This company ships to Canada and Mexico too.
  • Offers a lot of payment options.


  • This company sells only powdered form.
  • No extracts.
  • This company has a low volume of customer feedback.
  • When you pay for the first time no credit card payment option is available.
  • The return policy is not available.
  • They do not of cash on delivery.
  • No free or same-day shipping is available.


“Thegincooperative,” say that:

“They come in all shapes, sizes, flavors. They can be found in almost every corner of the world. Some have been used for thousands of years to cure ailments. Some were even key to ancient civilizations and used in elaborate ceremonies.

Without them, gin wouldn’t begin. We are of course speaking about botanicals. Without Juniper would gin begin? No. Thanks to Mother Nature the range of botanicals available and the opportunity to innovate are almost endless when you consider potential flavor combinations”.


Inland Botanical kratom strain is economical. This kratom vendor offers cheap prices for kratom. You should give it a shot, especially if you are a beginner. Their prices are few bucks higher in comparison to other kratom vendors. Their customer service and quality control are excellent and potent.

Their customer does not hesitate to pay a few more bucks for as long they know they will get a top notch and brilliant quality. Some other kratom vendors are also offering the same best quality of kratom strains at a very low price. So if you are not willing to pay the few extra bucks, you will have to look for alternate options.  

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