If you search for Kratom vendors, you will find a huge number of brands that are working from different countries in the world and are making great progress. It does not matter if you are a newbie to the world of Kratom looking for somewhere to buy easily from or whether you already have a trusted stockist, it is always interesting to find out more about any “new kids on the block.” 

Today I am going to review “happy hippo Herbals Kratom”. After listening this name seems like a hippo is smiling in the logo! Let’s see what it is.

Happy with Happy Hippo Herbals Kratom

Happy Hippo is an online retailer for Kratom and Kratom-based products. Happy Hippo Herbals is a fairly new company and is located in Boise, Idaho. It seems that it does not get a great deal of exposure though it deserves a great deal of attention, which is the reason I have written this article for you as a helpful guide.

They do not sell kratom to anyone under the age of 21, it is a great gesture and shows that the company cares the society. This is a company that focuses on their products and their customers more than their profits and prices. This article will guide you one step closer to finding out the right vendor. 

I will talk about the products, pricing, shipping, and payment options, and what customers think about the company. Read on and decide if Happy Hippo Herbals is the right fit for you. 

Let’s dig into it!

Happy Hippo

Products of Happy Hippo Herbals

When you log onto Happy Hippo Herbals, you will find that there is a great number of kratom options available. How are you supposed to know which one to choose? We have put together a guide on how to choose the right Happy Hippo kratom product for you.

  • Green, Red, White, & Gold Maeng Da
  • Red, Green, & Gold Bali
  • Red & White Horn
  • Super Green, Super White, & Super Red Indo
  • Red Sumatra
  • Green, Red, & Diamond Malay
  • Ruby Red, Green, & Red Thai
  • Yellow Vietnam
  • Country Bali
  • Green Maeng Da
  • Brown Indo
  • Silver Maeng Da
  • Yellow Sunda
  • Red Bentuangie
  • White Borneo

Happy Hippo

Types of Product Do They Offered

This Kratom has five different categories of products which are included as:

  • Fast
  • Capsule
  • Moderate
  • Slow
  • Starter Packs

If you have never heard of “slow” or “fast” kratom, do not worry. As you might know, different strains of kratom provide different effects. Happy Hippo Herbals divide kratom strains according to their vital results. 

Price Analysis of Hippo Kratom

They deal with a variety of products which is a plus point. But remember that a brand cannot be perfect in all areas. The same is the case with Happy Hippo. In comparison to most of the other kratom stores, the prices of their Kratom are slightly higher. 

  • The price of powder in 1 oz 4oz ½ kg and 1 kg increments.
  • The cheapest strain starts at $7 for an ounce and goes up to $210 for a kilogram.
  • The most expensive strain starts at $15 for an ounce and goes to $320 for a kilogram.
  • Other strains start at $12 and go up to $240.
  • They sell 60 capsule bottles for $15 but sell their extract for $15, and it is a 12 ml bottle.

Product Quality of Happy

They start their company slogan with the fact that they deliver High-Quality Kratom. So, is this false, or is this real? Well, the proof is in the putting, or so they say, and they prove what they have the quality of Kratom at Happy Hippo is of the highest quality.

Happy Hippo Herbals Products Under Lab Examine

The company performs third-party lab testing of its kratom. And it does so two times, unlike many other vendors. Although the company is American Kratom Association GMP verified. This means that their manufacturing processes are up to the standards laid down by the AKA. For you, this means the kratom you receive is processed safely and will probably be high in quality.

Happy Hippo

Website of Happy

Like the name happy hippo, their website surely makes you happy. The website has many formulations of kratom and several other herbal extracts. You can go on to their website and check out their product range and also the reviews of customers on the product’s quality which is always positive.

Customer Care

They are well versed in the company as a whole. They can help out with any, and all customer needs. They help you in suggesting products and strains that you otherwise would not think about trying or using. They have friendly customer support. 

Shipping Facility

Happy Hippo Herbals does same-day shipping on all orders placed before 5 PM EST. They do free FedEx two-day shipping on orders over $100 and free UPS next-day shipping on orders over $150. The cost of these two shipping methods for orders under these amounts depends on weight and location.

Exchange Policy

They provide a 30-day store credit return. That means if within 30 days of your purchase, you ship the product back to them, they will give you store credit, which means you will be able to purchase another product from their store with the money they return you. It is exchanging your returned merchandise for another product. It is not as good as a full refund, but it is better than nothing.

Closing Points on Happy Hippo Herbal Kratom

Spotting things online is very difficult and you are lucky if you order from an authentic shop on the first go. Because it is rare to find a diamond in the sea full of sharks and frauds. Happy Hippo is one of the fastest rising companies in the world that sell Kratom. 

They are on top of their game, and like many other companies, they started from the ground up. Customers seem happy about the company. They are giving you low price with an amazing discount.

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