Is Eden’s Ethnos Worth Buying?

When it comes to the purchasing process of Kratom, you simply just cannot act negligently in this regard. It is not considered a great omen or sign to buy from someone you do not much about. You must either have prior experience of buying from the vendor or you should have a strong suggestion, a person who is completely satisfied with the quality of the products of the respective vendor.

Many deaths have been reported due to the wrong use of a product and in some cases, the main cause of the death is nothing but the wrong quality of the products being sold by the store because they either have been contaminated by additive preservative which does more of the harm than the good or are generally not tested by the lab.

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This way or the other, we have, therefore, wrote a complete review of a vendor who is very famous in the world of Kratom. Many people who particularly want to get their hands on Kratom reach out for this brand. For newbies, it might be very difficult to decide if what they have heard about Eden Ethnos which is a Kratom seller is worth buying or not.

You do not have to worry anymore as we have collected all the evidence and shall be sharing some important facts about the services offered by this vendor which might aid you in selecting and deciding if Eden’s Ethnos should be valued in buying or not. 

Eden's Ethnos

Eden’s Ethnos Detailed Review

This is a San-Francisco CA-based company. They have tied links with the agricultural sectors but are mainly known to sell Kratom of all types. As a member of Trade Key, this vendor is known to offer a great range of Kratom products since 2016.

As compared to other vendors, they are considered expensive as their rates are a bit more than what your others are offering for Kratom which you can get from someone else. They have a wide range of variety and a great quantity of Kratom inventory.

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After searching for different reviews about this vendor, you shall be able to see a great number of positive reviews. Everyone is saying good about their experience with this vendor. Their business handle is quite similar to Amazon’s as they are linked to so many other brands. They have quite a competitive edge however there is very little from their end.

They call themselves a central place for various botanicals and ethnobotanicals however the major complaint that one can be heard from people is the fact that being a one-stop-shop for ethnobotanicals and other supplements, their claim proves to be wrong as they only sell Kratom in a wide-range. 

What Eden’s Ethnos Has To Say?

The vendor states to have a wide range of products like Kava, Salvia, and Moe. However, with having only the Kratom as we have heard from different people, it is always much confusing for people to figure out what the brand can offer them.

This vendor does not have any official website from where you can get information about their products. We have seen reviews in which people have visited their website but now, there is no clue from where you can contact the vendor.

We have assumed that their website must be going through any maintenance or the vendor has taken a break from the industry. This is the reason why their website seems down. 

What The Vendor ( Eden’s Ethnos) Has To Offer?

To satisfy yourself, your first question should be regarding the quality offered by the brand. The only way to ensure if the products are of great quality is to read the description of each product offered by the brand and see the testing reports. In the case of this vendor, it is not possible as they have almost no product description or details available.

If you get the chance to visit their website, you might click the product but after getting directed to the product’s description site, you will see nothing but a checkout option that asks you to make the payments and confirm the order. If needed, one might visit their Facebook page but again, you are more likely to not see any testing report about their items.

However, Eden’s Ethnos offers products from different brands. They have traded and are linked with various vendors. For instance, you can get White Rabbit Kratom, Kratom Infusion, Kratom Therapy, or even Captain Amsterdam from them. They offer Kratom Tea Packs, Liquid Tinctures, and UEI Kratom. 

Eden's Ethnos

Product Descriptions on The Eden’s Ethnos Website

Unfortunately, you are unable to see any price details, packaging details, product descriptions, or customer reviews from their website. If you are someone who has a habit of reading minute details of the product you are paying for then this might not be the best suitable place for you. Eden’s Ethnos do not provide any extra information.

Maybe, the reason to hide this is their marketing strategy which is far beyond our understanding. You just cannot potentially build a relationship with your customer until you become honest with them. Apparently, in the other case, you can check their social media platforms and pages.

Eden’s Ethnos are active on these sites and provide the necessary information. They have managed to interact with their customers through these channels. Hopefully, they will soon manage to provide the mandatory information that a customer looks for when they visit a website of a store. 

People’s Reviews About Eden’s Ethnos

If you visit some public forums made for reviews, you will see several positive as well as negative reviews about the vendor. Someone ordered Green Riau from them, he stated that the product neither did anything good for him nor proved to be the worst.

Summed up that the product he ordered didn’t work for him as he desired. Several factors could lead to an unpleasant experience. We never know what the other person went through. It is better to experience something on our own before judging. 

Eden’s Ethnos Payments And Prices

The lack of transparency digs a red flag about the vendor as they do not provide any sufficient information about the price range of the products offered by the vendor. Some of their strains are however quite expensive as compared to others and you will end up putting a burden on your pocket if you try buying from them. 

Eden's Ethnos

Payment Methods Offered By Eden’s Ethnos

Again, none of the information is available about the payment methods one can opt for while ordering from this vendor. 

Eden’s Ethnos Customer Service

People see this brand as an average seller, the quality is the only thing that has made this brand live despite having the least amount of transparency. Neither the product details nor the pricing details have been mentioned on their page. It is close to impossible to directly contact this vendor as no information is technically available. 

The Bottom Line

In a conclusion, we can say that you must make a search for the Kratom brand before ordering them to get the best quality without any compromise. You are more than encouraged to read people’s reviews on any brand before making the final purchase. 

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