Hello, my pal! you and I both know that why are you reading this page and trust me you are at the right place. I know that you are searching for a vendor and I am glad you chose me to help you that’s why don’t worry I’ll try my best to give you all the information about this vendor (Club 13 Kratom).

Maybe this is your first time or maybe you have brought kratom before from another vendor but you didn’t like it but this time you are not gonna be disappointed because I have all the information about this amazing vendor and I am sure you will definitely be satisfied with his products and services. So, let’s get started.

A Brief Introduction

Club 13 Kratom is also known as Club 13 Herbals. They are one of the oldest vendors in the United States as they have been running their business for more than 20 years. They provide kratom capsules, extracts, powder, and much more.

They are the most famous vendor in the United States because of their quality of products and loyalty to their customers. They know how to be honest with their customer and how to produce high-quality products; that’s why they have earned massive respect and reputation.

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An Elaborative Club 13 Kratom Website

When a person is shopping online the first thing that attracts his/her attention is the beauty of a website. If a website is well managed and effectively designed it captures the mind and eyes of the customer because it creates an image in his mind that if the website is so good then the products must be also good.

Club 13 Kratom knows this well and that’s why they beautifully designed their website. All the details regarding product prices and usage are provided on the website. Their website includes the following components:

  • About us
  • Contact us
  • Track your order
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Return policy
  • Payment methods
  • Shipping
  • Terms and conditions
  • Privacy policy
  • FAQs

Club 13 Kratom

Club 13 Kratom Product Range

They provide 36 kratom products. On their website, you can see different sections of powder, strains, extracts, and much more. Have a look at their product list:

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  1. Classic Kratom
  2. Bundle
  3. Maeng Da Bundle
  4. Red Bali
  5. Connoisseur Blend
  6. Green Malay
  7. Indo White
  8. Green Maeng Da
  9. Red Maeng Da
  10. White Maeng Da


  1. Classic Kratom Bundle
  2. Maeng Da Bundle
  3. Red Bali
  4. Connoisseur Blend
  5. Green Malay
  6. Indo White
  7. Green Maeng Da
  8. Red Maeng Da
  9. White Maeng Da


  1. Classic Kratom Bundle
  2. Maeng Da Bundle
  3. Red Bali
  4. Connoisseur Blend
  5. Green Malay
  6. Indo White
  7. Green Maeng Da
  8. Red Maeng Da
  9. White Maeng Da

Vape Juice

  1. KVAPE Green
  2. KVAPE Red
  3. KVAPE White

As you can see they have good a huge variety of products and believe me all the products are worth buying. No one has a quality like them. All the products are made with natural and fresh ingredients and then they are lab tested for purification from any kind of bacteria or virus.

Club 13 Kratom

What Is Club 13 Kratom Going To Cost You?

Club 13 Kratom provides quite low and affordable prices as compared to their competitors. The prices vary from product to product but all the products are at a reasonable rate. The powders and strains are priced according to quantity and capsules are priced according to size and concentration.

Say if you want 20 capsules you can buy them for $7 to $8 but if you want 120 capsules you can have them for $80 to $82.

Discounts And Coupon Codes

They give discounts and coupon codes to their customers. If you use the code “Sling” you will get a discount. Moreover subscribe to their newsletter and you will get notified about all the sales and discounts on all products through the mail.

Club 13 Kratom Customer Service

In their website components, I mentioned their satisfaction guarantee so it shows that they always make sure to satisfy their customer no matter what. They treat their customers politely and try to solve their queries and if you want any information or any guidance they always provide the best answers.

Contact Us

If you want any help or have any questions or query then you can easily contact them through email or phone no provided on their website. All of their members are cooperative and listen to your problem carefully and solve it within no time.

Club 13 Shipping

Club 13 Kratom provides fast and efficient shipping. They deliver their orders in 2-3 business days and if you are a local you will get your order on the same day. When you place an order they provide you with a tracking id so that you can easily check where is your order pr when will it be dispatched.

Club 13 Kratom Customer Reviews And Ratings

Customer reviews and ratings play an important role in the reputation of a company and before buying anything online we all look for customer reviews and ratings. So, I am gonna tell you some of the reviews about Club 13 Kratom and I am sure you will be satisfied after these reviews.

One customer says:” Club13 has “quality products” and has become my “go-to.”

Another customer says: “Very good customer service. I had mentioned a concern about something I previously ordered and they sent me the same order again free of charge express shipping without hesitation.”

Other people state:” I saw a coupon for their site and decided to give it a try. I was impressed. I have tried a lot of kratom products from different places online and at the stores and thought Club13 was on par with prices, shipping times, and good products. With the coupon, it actually made more sense to buy it online than to go to my local shop.”

This person says:” I wanted a quality product and customer service, and was not disappointed by either with Club13. Honestly, I was a little wary of buying kratom online, but I am glad I went with them. I started with the Bali red capsules and now regularly get the green Malay powder. Club13 is my go-to.”

There are a lot of positive reviews about them and it shows that people really enjoy their products.

Club 13 Kratom


Kratom has become so popular that a lot of research is being made on it and its authentic vendors day by day. And let me inform you that this vendor has been listed in the top 10 best vendors. On the page of AP news, it Is stated that:

“Kratom is gaining more popularity as people are learning about its many benefits. With the rise in the number of users, the number of Kratom vendors have also increased. Many vendors claim to sell the best quality Kratom. However, the truth is that many vendors don’t deliver the quality they promise.

So, you must do extensive research and try out different vendors before you can settle for a good one. (That will waste your time and money).”

A Final Verdict On Club 13 Kratom

Well, I am sure you are impressed by the quality, prices, and services of Club 13 Kratom and you really want to try it am I right? So, what are you waiting for sign up for your account on their website, select your product, and in no time the parcel will be at your doorstep. Happy shopping!


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