Well, you are here because you wanted to know everything about organic botanicals. Also, you wanted or know they are legit or not? Am I right? Okay, if I am right then I can surely say that you are in right place.

Organic Botanicals

The official motto of Christopher’s Organic botanical is “Just quality kratom, No gimmicks”. They are a new vendor in the nootropic community. They are the vendor who already has a good reputation in society. They contain simple and fresh kratom powder.

Does it look interested to you? dosed it look true to you? If yes, well, then let’ take a look at this vendor and look at how this vendor has competition with another kratom world.

Christopher’s Organic Botanicals Standard Products

Christopher’s Organic Botanicals offer all best and standard kratom strains like

Red Thai.

Green Maeng Da.

White Maeng Da.

White Horn.

Some most demanded kratom strains are also offered by Christopher’s Organic Botanicals are:

Elephant Kapuas

Yellow Jong Kong

Some of the In-demand strains including White Mahakan, Jong Kong, and Green Indo are sold out as they may contain many benefits for health problems. They contain natural powder. Their product has clearly pure kratom. Christopher’s own kratom mixture contains green, red, yellow, and white vein kratom plants, and this may be of particular interest.

Christopher’s Organic Botanicals

How much they are going to cost?

56.699 grams of kratom powder which, of course, equates to 2 ounces cost of $18. It is very affordable for customers. Christopher’s Organic Botanicals offers a flat rate to customers for all kratom strains. Whereas other kratom vendors often charge a high amount for several of their kratom powder.

Different kratom strain powder different rate of powder and that may be out of your range. Here this kratom vendor shines because they offer a very reasonable price to customers than those kratom vendors who sell just only 28 grams for $22.

Simplicity for business

As Christopher’s Organic Botanicals are a new company in the community, Christopher does not like to sell his products with fancy labeling, catchy and slogans. He says that “Their company is based on the words that natural products and healthy lifestyle or living are the only way to help and heal the body and mind from stress and problems and our company is new in society too”.

Christopher wants simplicity in his work, no fancy work. He also said that “There won’t be any fancy labeling”. He just writes, “Just quality of kratom”.

Company goals

Christopher says that “My goal is to someday spread the message to everyone that all healing starts with God”. Then he tells the popular opinion that “In polite company, one’s faith should not be shared”.

Christopher’s Organic Botanicals Transparency

On Christopher’s Organic Botanicals web page all the procedures are clearly mentioned. On the payment options page, Christopher clearly mentions all the procedures that customers can use while ordering and where they can send checks or money orders.

He also assures his customer by giving first-class guarantees with tracking orders and also offers them detail about sipping options, if their order is under or above 10 ounces. Other pages on-site selling kratom only explore the legality of kratom and give detail about the alkaloid content of their kratom powder.

On Christopher’s alkaloid content, you may find the medicals benefits. Additionally, Christopher differentiates between each kratom strain powder.

Christopher’s Organic Botanicals

Coupon code

In my thought, the discount is the most loving thing in the world. People run after the discounts. Some stores give us discounts or coupon codes as we become their regular customers. Just like that Christopher has offered 10% discounts on all products to those customers who buy through forum members as well as to those from Facebook.

Christopher’s Organic Botanicals Reputation

Christopher’s Organic Botanicals gain a high and excellent reputation on sites and forums. His organic botanicals are also listed as a reputable vendor on the “I love kratom forum”. His company receives many positive reviews and his company carries 5 stars on social sites, got positive reviews on YouTube videos and on other sites too.

Christopher’s company is praised by people by saying that they have fast shipping and quality packaging. Customers also showed their love by saying that his kratom is so powerfully affecting and is a very good thing for health.

Red indo

One of the strains kratom, a strain named Red Indo may be manufactured with the help of ‘red vein’. It contains many health benefits and medical benefits too. This product or kratom strain is their most ordered kratom because the company promised medicinal uses and benefits.

People become doubtful as they see any good product at a cheap or low price and some people have set their mind to the thing that something so good would come at a higher price, but you may get shocked to know that Red Indo cost just 18 dollars.

Yellow Vietnam

Yellow Vietnam is called rarest kratom, out there that cost just 18 dollars. It is very beneficial in treating chronic pain and helping people to fight against their anxiety. When peoples come to know about its benefits for health and mind health, its demand is raised. On their social site, you can get different quantities of this product, and of course, the price will vary accordingly to the demand.

Red Thai

Red Thai is a very unique product of Christopher’s Organic Botanicals. He gave this product an unusual name. There is no company selling any kratom like this. Don’t be panic about its price as it is unique from all, it also costs just 18 dollars. Although, prices may get high as you demand more quantity. It is formed in powder form that has its own recreational, as well as, medicinal uses.

Customers praised it, as it may help treat anxiety as well as prove its worth in other treatments like enriching the body with energy. It may give relaxation to anyone who consumes it after a long day at the office. After all, it is the right of everyone to sit back and feel relax.  

Maeng da kratom

Maeng Da Kratom is a very popular product in society. It is available in three different strains, named, purple, white, and green. Christopher shaped it according to customer’s desire, like, some customers desire for powder form and other for capsule form that is filled with kratom extract.

A regular customer may know that its benefits are countless since all companies seem to have this in their stock.

Christopher’s Organic Botanicals

Christopher’s Personal Kratom Affiliation

Christopher started Christopher’s organic botanical company in 2016. After his car accident kratom become very personal to him. After that, for others and himself he wanted properly and clearly packed and tested kratom for a healthy life.

Christopher’s Organic Botanicals started as small with private cGMP certification Yearly. They wanted to be the best for the industry and customers. People who bargain a lot can enjoy flash sale items on social sites, and they also have email and social media specials for customers.

Christopher’s Organic Botanicals Media Reviews

Global Botanical and Plant-Derived Drugs Market, by Source (Plant, Algae, Macroscopic Fungi, and Others), By Dosage Form (Pills, Tablets, Capsules, and Injection), By Therapeutic Application (Central Nervous System, Cardiovascular Diseases, Infectious Diseases, and Respiratory Diseases).

And by Region (North America, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, Asia Pacific, and Africa) was valued at US$ 30.1 billion in 2017 and is estimated to exhibit a CAGR of 6.3% over the forecast period (2018-2026).


As you read out all the things about Christopher’s product, I assure you that you can also say that Christopher’s Organic Botanicals gained a high reputation for kratom strains. They are small but have a high reputation among kratom-loving society. From all these reviews, this kratom vendor is trustworthy and reliable.  

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