Atlas Kratom and Kratom’s Legality

The hype of this therapeutic compound is not baseless after all it has proved to be working wonders for many people. However, the concerned higher authorities are right at their end because too much of addiction has caused some deaths associated with Kratom as well.

This is where the red flag was raised and people got a bit alert. Governments started imposing a ban on any kind of its sale, use, or even possessing it was considered no less than a crime. However, in some places of the world, the ban was lifted after the constant pressure of people on the government.

But there are still some places where it is completely illegal to even think about the consumption of Kratom. If it is legal in your area then you might be looking for the best vendor to buy it from. Do not worry as Atlas Kratom is one of the best places that you can consider when it is time to invest in high-quality products of Kratom.

Read on to explore Atlas and evaluate if this vendor is the one you are looking for or not. 

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Atlas Kratom As Herbal Medicine Store

If we talk about Missouri, we are lucky as Kratom is currently not banned and is legal to be used in the state. However, you should never be proud of having it available in your state as it only takes a couple of seconds, and boom! It’s banned.

In McDonald County, many people have unmatched opinions about Kratom and they are totally divided about the concept of this Ayurvedic Herb. Some people criticize it for leaving harsh and uncurbable withdrawal effects while some who are a true fan of this compound are surely in favor of Kratom. The story behind this vendor is quite interesting.

If you search for the history of this store, you will get to know that the owner of this company named Jeremy Mercer was no one but a great former drug addict who later ended up opening his brand called Atlas Kratom. It has been operational since the time Jeremy opened it and has been serving as a medicinal herbal store.

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However, more interesting is the fact that this store has faced the highest amount of criticism and the biggest number of haters. Some of the optimistic fellows have even threatened to burn the building of this store up. Well, the reason for this is not so clear to be stated here. Maybe the drug addict might have some personal issues with other former drug addicts. 

Atlas Kratom

Are The Foodstuffs of Atlas Kratom Worth Buying?

The owner who is none other than Mr. Mercer is a great social worker. When this website came into being, his motto was nothing but to serve as a social helper or worker by assisting people of different age groups belonging to different fields.

According to him, this store is specifically made to help people out and to restore their real selves by providing them with this exceptional herbal compound. Many people are not so happy with the owner and the products he sells. Many people call this vendor and its owner a jerk and according to them, the owner does not know how to deal with people.

He is rude and does not treat his customers well. He has no concern for the consumers and hence does not help people at all. His claims of helping people are slowly going to be proven wrong. On a lighter note, all of this could be the grudge of haters against this vendor but again we are unable to discover the reality. 

Goods That Atlas Kratom Offers

The vendor however has a good variety of fine strains that are effective and potent. Although the team of this company is not so welcoming, at last, all we are concerned about is nothing but the quality of the products. Nevertheless, the quality is good. They have fine strains of Kratom.

Different strains such as Green Vein Kratom, White Vein Kratom, and Red Vein Kratom are available from Atlas Kratom. They keep stocking up their Kratom inventory. Some of their famous editions include the following:

  • Chocolate Bentuangie
  • Green Malay
  • Red Vein Bali
  • White Maeng Da 

If we talk about the best strain or product, it has to be White Maeng Da as you can never say a No to Maeng Da no matter how and where you get it from, the condition is that you must be a true kratom lover and an enthusiast to show your love.  

Atlas Kratom

Price Ranges of Atlas Kratom

Some people complain about Atlas Kratom for being overpriced for no reason. They have rates that lie somewhere far above the average industry rates. Their products cost more than other products which are easily available from the market.

One user has stated that this vendor sells a product at unaffordable prices which you can easily get from other online platforms at much cheaper rates. If you want to buy nothing but just a typical ounce of Kratom powder, you will have to pay no less than at least $15 which is too much for this quantity.

Buying in bulk might cost you less and shall bring the price a little bit down however, they still are too much for absolutely no reason. When you list the drawbacks or cons of this vendor, you will surely have to count the high prices and expensive rates in. 

Consumer Status About Atlas Kratom

The reviews about Atlas Kratom do not seem to be actually real as they are so split in nature. It might make you confused at the end. You can see some negative reviews about the company which is so full of hate that you would never think of even seeing their website again in your life.

However, if you just get a glimpse of the positive reviews, you will think for a moment if it is from the customers or their best friends as the positive reviews are completely opposite from the negative ones. This is a mystery and you can never trust reviews as most of the positive and nice ones are paid while all of the rest are directly from the competitors or haters.

We genuinely suggest the public review forums to take care of this issue as it could mislead so many readers and make them believe something wrong and baseless.

Atlas Kratom

Final Judgement About Atlas Kratom

If you ever have to face a vendor or a seller who is not providing you with all the details about the product info or its source, you should always think twice before buying from them. This shady vendor’s image is not a good sign for the customer.

Always try asking someone who has purchased from them before or better ask for a free sample. The best way is to try something for free before paying a large amount of money. You just cannot waste your money on something which is going to be of no use to you. This is the reason why free sampling service is the best and the most convenient thing any vendor can offer and luckily Atlas Kratom is among those vendors. 


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