Discovered by the modern world in the early 20th century, Kratom has now become one of the most sought-out herbs in the US. With the increasing popularity of Kratom, it is becoming difficult for the lovers of Kratom to decide the vendor from where they want to buy Kratom. The reason is that countless stores are selling Kratom online.

Some stores among them are very reliable and trustworthy. Wicked Kratom is included among these stores.

Quick Review Of Wicked Kratom

This brand has been around for almost a decade and is expected to stick around. This is particularly popular for selling 100% organic kratom online with no additives. This is the store that offers Kratom in the form of capsules, powder, or liquid. These vendors also provide other products like bath bombs and tinctures.

  • Their product comes in various strains.
  • The prices can be cheaper than other kratom companies.
  • The reviews of customers are much positive towards their high quality and good customer service.
  • They provide better quality products to their customer.
  • The prices can be cheaper than other kratom companies.

Wicked Kratom

Product Range

This brand has a decent amount of kratom products. They are sorted according to the vein color, and the main categories are the Yellow vein strain, the Red vein strain, the Green vein strain, and the White vein strain. The company sells various strains of Kratom and has been doing so for several years. Let’s talk about what these are:

  • White Indo
  • Chocolate Borneo
  • Green Vietnam
  • Yellow Borneo
  • White Bali
  • Red Malay
  • White Damper
  • Red Damper
  • Red Indo
  • Green Riau
  • Green Malay

Mix Products

Wicked Kratom provides some other mix products which are as following:

  • Mixed Malay
  • Hulu Kapuas Kalimantan
  • Mixed Maeng Da 

Forms of Products

This brand has a decent amount of different forms of kratom products. The great thing about Kratom is that it’s available in various forms including:

  • Powder Kratom
  • Capsules Form
  • Solid Extract
  • Liquid Kratom

Authentic Kratom

The best step of this is that the products from trusted sources. There are few more reasons forget to know about that is this vendor is authentic or not, so let’s talk a little more about it:

Budget-Friendly Wicked Kratom Price

The price usually is directly proportional to the quality and not the quantity. Preferably many beginners who would want to try their products are highly favored. They offer 10g of powder for $9.95, 10 packs of capsules for $7.95, and Extracts are $29.95.

Wicked Kratom

Coupons and Discount

  • Customers believe that it is best to buy Kratom with a coupon code and any discount deal. Various vendors offer coupon codes for wicked Kratom, check out the details and avail the offered discounts:
  • offers 60% off on their products without code.
  • offers 50% off with code “SCOUT”.
  • offers 5% off with code “5OFFCAPS”. offers 8% off with code “redbali8disc”.

High-Quality Product

Their products are premium and standard. All-natural products used to manufacture the products come from qualified sources. They sell high-quality products in the market. The company also emphasizes the fact that they sell pure Kratom products which are untouched by any additives. 

Relationships with Customers

They gain much popularity because of their immediate delivery fulfillment and excellent customer service. They provide 100% satisfaction to their customers. The company promises customer satisfaction with each order. You can both call or email them for any queries or complaints in case you have any.

Interchange and Money Back Policy

They always take care of their customers by providing them facilities which make their order much easy than before. They provide interchange service, if you are not happy with the product or not satisfy with the quality of the product you can exchange your product also you can get your money back by using their money-back policy. 

Wicked Kratom Shipment Policy

They take less time to give your order on your doorsteps. They deliver their products within 48 hours of the order being confirmed and are pretty prompt about their deliveries. 

Wicked Kratom


The first impression of their website is that it is very easy to navigate. They have authentic sites for their customers. Many websites give discounts and coupon codes too. You can visit on link below sites to check this out:

Under Lab Examine:

They provide lab-tested products. They always take care of their customer. They make sure that their customers are happy after using their products. They ensure that all the products are pure and passed through a fine examination process.

Payment Method:

They offer different methods of payment. You can use any method at your convenience. Ways are down below:

  • Online Transfer
  • Credit Cars
  • Cash on Delivery

FDA Warning:

The FDA released a statement warning Kratom users to look out for Salmonella-contaminated strains, especially following the last outbreak. FDA issued a warning about Salmonella contamination of the Kratom products and advised the Kratom users to consume it with caution.

  Another plus of Wicked Kratom is that their products are lab-tested and don’t contaminated with Salmonella and are safe to consume.

Final Words:

The positive reviews about the quality of the products and the vendor guarantee that buying kratom strains from Wicked Kratom will be a win-win deal for you. As you can see, Wicked Kratom is a reliable place to buy Kratom strains and capsules.

  • They categorize their Kratom range according to the different strains they come in.
  • Its all-natural products have gained a lot of positive attention from kratom enthusiasts in the US.
  • You can choose from 37 Kratom products from the website.
  • They have ranged from extracts and liquids to powder.

Consumers should avoid buying kratom products from other vendors who sell sub-standard or fake products. Wicked Kratom is one of the best suppliers of Kratom on the web and comes highly recommended by many happy customers. 

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