Who Are Valkyrie Botanicals?

Established back in 2016, this vendor started off with a smoking business and ruled over other smoke shops like OPMS and remarkable herbs for more than three years. They have been running a successful business for over three years now and are among the best Kratom vendors marked for selling the best quality of strains that are extremely potent and effective.

Their marketing strategy involves selling products that are unique and rare to find. Many people believe that the products and strains available from this vendor are really hard to find in any other smoke shop. 

History of Valkyrie Botanicals

This vendor started off as an independent business and has been running successfully for more than three years. Consumers always used to complain about the vendor selling the products and not being available in online stores.

However, back in 2019, the complaints were rejected as this vendor emerged by shaking hands with another vendor. The partnership shut the mouth of haters. Together these vendors emerged as a big splash in the Kratom and ethnobotanicals industry. 

Valkyrie Botanicals

The Partnership Between Valkyrie Botanicals And Carolina Kratom

The vendor with which Valkyrie Botanicals joined their hands was none other than this Georgia-based vendor known as Caroline Kratom. Caroline Kratom has been selling Kratom goods for quite a long time now. In the world of Kratom, Caroline Kratom has earned a great reputation and is counted among the top ones. 

Buying Products of Valkyrie From Caroline Kratom

If you want to buy Valkyrie items and products from Caroline, you do not have to get into any hustle or difficulties. It is now an easier task and much convenient for buyers to purchase Valkyrie products from Caroline Kratom. To make the final purchase, you have to visit the online retail store of Caroline Kratom.

Once you visit their website, you will get the information and shall be able to purchase any of the Valkyrie Kratom from their website. Just visit their page and keep adding items to your cart until it fills up and then make the final payment through the checkout process. 

Why Did the Two Vendors Join?

Excellence is the answer to this question. When both vendors emerged, their main goal was to provide the best quality of products to their customers. They made sure that there is no compromise made on the quality, purity, and integrity of the products which are sold to the clients.

Having the same goal, they both decided to join hands and together started the process of selling the best items to their customers residing in any place in the world. Since their joining, it has now become even easier not only for the buyers but the people who used to love these two brands and were quite confused about what to choose among these two for the final purchase. 

Valkyrie Botanicals

Strains That You Can Buy From Valkyrie Botanicals

Caroline Kratom does not have a great range and a long list of strains of the Valkyrie Botanicals. There are only four basic strains of Kratom offered by Caroline. These strains include the following mentioned:

  • Bali Indo
  • Plantation Maeng Da
  • Red Plantation Maeng Da
  • Yellow Vietnam

Price Range of Valkyrie Botanicals Products

Valkyrie is not a very high-rated store and there is not too much hype on the internet about their price ranges. The prices are measured according to the quantity, quality, size, and format of the products. Some of the price ranges of these products are:

  • $10.34 for 30 grams of the product
  • $20.34 for 100 grams of the product
  • $33.33 for 250 grams of the product

Along with the powders which are mentioned above, Valkyrie also sells extracts, liquids, and other forms of Kratom to their buyers. Liquid Tinctures are also available at the vendor’s store. If you want to buy these products, their price rates are very much reasonable depending upon the types and weights of the products. 

You are supposed to get their products from Caroline Kratom. This vendor has made a great option for its customers by giving them the chance to mix all forms of Kratoms and together it will make a fusion of different strains that could be in the form of powder or liquid.

This is a great deal for all those who love consuming the fused and mixed form of Kratom. You can mix 4 different strains and make a fusion of one kilo of the Kratom. 

Deals and Discounts

There are some incredible deals available at the vendor’s store. If you want to buy Kratom from Valkyrie, you can add some coupon codes and get the best possible discounts. If you add “Valkyrie” as a coupon code, you will get an additional 10% on the final payment. Along with this, there are also great deals and discounts which can be availed from the vendor.

If you want to get 8 ounces of Kratom, you will get 2 ounces absolutely free. We are not sure if this offer still exists or has died. To get the best discounts from this vendor, you are suggested to stay in touch with them through email or keep visiting their website every once in a while. You can also subscribe to their newsletter. 

Customer Reviews About Valkyrie Botanicals

Whenever you search for reviews about this vendor, you will surely get large support and will see a great love for them. They have somehow managed to build a good reputation among people. People have great confidence in their services. The patrons have written much favorable about Valkyrie.

One person has reviewed the vendor by saying that this vendor is quite decent and sells products at very impressive rates due to which we are in love with their services and we love ordering from them again and again. 

Lab-Tested Products

If you want to know the reason for this vendor’s popularity, there is nothing more than the quality in which they sell their products. All of the vendor’s products are sell after going through a long process of lab-testing. These lab-tested products ensure the safety and quality of each product.

The owner himself makes sure that his clients are getting the best quality of products. You can also check their lab-tested report which is openly available on their websites.

Shipment Policy of Valkyrie Botanicals

If you are buying products for more than $100, you will get free shipping with absolutely no additional charges. In some states of the U.S, you cannot get their products as they are illegal in most states and they are consequently unreachable. Some states such as Alabama, Indiana, Rhode Island, etc. are very unfortunate to get Valkyrie’s products. 

Valkyrie Botanicals

Payment Options Available At Valkyrie Botanicals

To get the products of Valkyrie, there are several options available. Some common payment methods that are accepted by this vendor are:

  • Buying through PayPal. 
  • Buying through Debit Card.
  • Buying through Credit Card.

Negative Feedback About Valkyrie Botanicals

One of the major drawbacks of this vendor is the fact that being a vendor of botanicals, they only sell Kratom. As a viewer, seeing a vendor named with botanicals makes it very clear that the vendor must have a wide range of products however this is not the case with Valkyrie Botanicals. 

Final Call

Despite one flaw, Valkyrie Botanicals is a must-try after being partners with Caroline Kratom, you should not miss them out. 


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