Are you searching for a legit kratom vendor? That’s why you are here right? Well, I understand your struggle, and it’s not just only you who is struggling to find am an authentic vendor. This herb is gaining popularity due to some of the outstanding health benefits that it can provide.

Kratom is native to Southeast Asia, but people are utilizing this herb all over the globe, especially in the United States. Soul Speciosa is also a kratom vendor, we are going to discuss here.

Who To Trust?

Kratom is readily available in the market as it is sold by numerous vendors all over the globe. As a result, kratom users can enjoy the wide array of benefits provided by kratom by buying from reputable vendors. Talking about reputable vendors how would you identify whether one is trustworthy or not?

The first thing you should be looking at in the kratom suppliers is their license, and their products must be lab-tested for purity. To end your struggle, I have found an authentic and reputable vendor for you. Soul Speciosa is a trustworthy company that is selling high-quality kratom.

Soul Speciosa

What Is Soul Speciosa?

Let’s get to know this company a little deeper. Soul speciosa is a company based in the heart of Los Angeles, California. The company strives to provide its customers with only the freshest organic kratom available. They have reviewed around as one of the best vendors around selling quality kratom that us entirely genuine.

User-Friendly Website

People often seem to complain about the not-so-friendly websites of the various kratom vendors, which is a very annoying thing because it makes things very confusing for customers, and eventually, the vendors tend up losing their customers.

But the Website of Soul Speciosa is very user friendly, which makes it easier for the customers to get all the necessary information about the product. Also, customers will not struggle with how to place their orders.

About Their Website’s URL

Moreover, its website re-routes you to Left Coast Kratom’s online store. That’s because it was forced to change its URL after its products were recalled during the 2018 Kratom salmonella scare. But like some of the other top vendors, Soul Speciosa have since stepped up their game, taking additional measures to ensure that their kratom is unadulterated. Each batch of their kratom is lab tested for purity.

Lab-Tested Products

It is one of the few companies that are selling top-quality kratom to its customers, And the main reason behind this is its lab testing quality. They are making every effort to give only the best quality products to their clients. Soul Speciosa products undergo different quality tests.

They also pass through the filtration process. Through this process, all kinds of dust particles, impurities, heavy metals, and unwanted particles are removed. This quality makes it stands out from the crowd.

Products Soul Speciosa Got To Offer

This vendor has a diverse range of kratom strains to offer, you’ll nearly find all types of strain under one roof. Most of them are present in all forms. This company offers everything from Kratom powder and 100% kratom capsules to kratom extracts and they also have beginner strains to help ease new users into healthy kratom benefits. Isn’t it amazing?

You’ll get each of your favorite strains from the same vendor and in high quality. Their powders and capsules are available in the following strains.

  • Green Vein Thai
  • Horn Maeng Da
  • OG Bali
  • Red Borneo
  • Red Dragon
  • Red Kali
  • Red MD
  • Super Green Malay
  • White Borneo
  • White Sumatra
  • Yellow Thai
  • Super Enhanced Indo

Their most popular strain is the super-enhanced Maeng Da! Many customers have given positive reviews and have praised this strain, according to them it is the most potent strain in the market. The other products include Platinum kratom extract, Gold kratom extract, 50X kratom extract, 10X extract capsules. FSE kratom extracts and Gold reserve tea.

Soul Speciosa

Soul Speciosa’s Product Quality

We get to know from their vendor’s quality assurance page that all their batches are subjected to multiple quality tests during the manufacturing process. The batches are closely examined for heavy metal content and microbial contaminants. And after the examination, only the products that pass the tests are approved for sale.

Apart from their top-notch testing methods for purity, they also adhere to various practices instituted by the AKA and cGMP. These practices include:

  • Environmental regulations, where they test their facility for pathogens.
  • Through milling and blending processes.
  • Comprehensive screening processes for products and suppliers.
  • Revamped sanitation control procedures
  • Utilization of more than two laboratories to their products.

All in all, this vendor has exemplary quality control practices that are the reason behind this vendor’s popularity and being among the best kratom vendors in the United States.

How Much Are They Going To Cost You?

Soul Speciosa has been selling high-quality kratom strains at very pocket-friendly prices. The average cost for their 28g bag of kratom powder is $9.55 while that of 56g is $16.55. The packet of 112g goes for $28.95. Their powdered extracts are average when it comes to prices, neither the cheapest nor the most expensive in the market.

Talking about the capsules, so the average cost of their 28g capsules is $14.99. 

About Their Shipping

Another good thing about this vendor is their fast shipping service, they are very quick with their order. All order receives free automatic same-day shipping via UPS, orders above $99 are eligible for free UPS next day shipping.

This is their way of thanking you for the big order, and they want to make sure you receive the freshest products possible. Their kratom products are well-sealed to protect them from any form of damage and contamination.

How Is Their Customer Service?

Their customer service team is extraordinary. Their office and 1-800 number are provided on the contact form with their email address. Their staff is friendly and available to help enhance the service and delivery of your products. They assist you in solving your problems and queries regarding the order. They will provide you the necessary info that you need about the product.

Soul Speciosa Return Policy

When it comes to the return policy, this vendor provides a 30-day warranty for its products. Therefore, any customer who receives their package and, for some reason, want to return it or have exchanged it for something else, have to contact the vendor within 30 days.

However, customers must be aware of the following terms:

  • The only items that will be exchanged or refunded are those who have their seals intact. They must not be opened.
  • The shipping costs incurred when returning the orders will be billed to the buyer.
  • While the shipping costs incurred when sending you the exchanged items will be catered by the vendor.

Soul Speciosa

Soul Speciosa Customer Reviews

Customers have very positive reviews about this vendor, they have praised their high-quality potent kratom strains on various social forums for instance I Love Kratom and Reddit. Customers are reported to be satisfied with their product quality and consistency. Users of the Green Malay have reported that this strain makes them feel more energetic and relaxed.

Moreover, this strain is excellent for mood life and social interactions.


This company is all about selling quality products to their customers. According to a list made by a renowned vendor Red Storm Scientific regarding the 10 best places to buy kratom online, Soul Speciosa (now Left Coast) has made it to the list and is one of the best kratom vendors online.


From our discussion, you can conclude that Soul Speciosa is among the most reliable online vendors, that offers a wide range of high-quality kratom strains at very affordable prices. Plus, they have kratom available in every form.

And besides, if you get confused during the ordering or have any query regarding the product, you can ask from their all-time ready customer service team that is willing to help their loyal customers. I would definitely recommend you try this vendor.


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