Sacred Kratom launched its business in 2016, and is based in California. The first thing you will notice when you visit the Sacred Kratom site is that they have a nicely put-together aesthetic that works well on mobile devices.

In other words, this vendor has it where it counts from a technological perspective. Since then, they have earned mixed reviews from the Reddit crowd. Does this California-based vendor deserve a second look? Let’s dig deeper to find out!

Sacred Kratom Product Catalogue

Sacred Kratom abides by all the FDA regulations regarding the sale and use of Kratom. They make sure that their customers do not have to face any legal repercussions because of their products. Sacred Kratom has a wide range of products. One good thing which is probably not a part of any other vendor is that all these products are along with their real images.

Sacred Kratom

Types of Products

We love it when a vendor has a diverse list of options, and that is exactly what you will find at Sacred Kratom. Whether you prefer powder, capsules, or extracts, Sacred Kratom has something for you.

Kratom Capsules

Without any doubt, Sacred Kratom has all of the best Kratom capsules you need to get the best results. Their capsule range includes:

  • Bali Kratom Capsules
  • Maeng Da Kratom Capsules
  • Borneo White Kratom Capsules
  • Red Maeng Da Kratom Capsules
  • Borneo Red Kratom Capsules

Kratom Powder

Sacred Kratom is famous for selling different types of kratom powders. Their powder range includes:

  • Green Maeng Da Kratom
  • Bali Kratom Powder
  • Super Green Malaysian Kratom
  • Bali Red Vein Kratom
  • Super Green Kratom
  • BentuangieKratom
  • Red Kapuas Kratom
  • Borneo Red Vein Kratom
  • Indonesian Red Vein Kratom
  • Borneo White Kratom
  • Green Sumatra Kratom

Kratom Extract and Enhance

If you are looking for premium quality extracts and enhanced Kratom, then you need to try some of these most popular ones by Sacred Kratom:

  • Enhanced Bali Kratom
  • Ultra Enhanced Indo (UEI) Kratom
  • Enhanced BentuangieKratom
  • Enhanced Maeng Da Kratom
  • 50x Extract

Price Analysis of Sacred Kratom Products

The price of all available strains is very affordable. The least amount anyone can order is 1 ounce, with the maximum amount reaching up to 1 pound. Sacred Kratom generally prices its products based on weight, first and foremost, with the cheapest product (standard Bali Kratom powder) ranging from $9.99 to $124.99 depending on how much you buy.

Sacred Kratom

Discount and coupon

When it comes to Sacred Kratom coupon codes, they have regularly done promotions ranging from 15 percent to 30 percent off of your total purchase. These are published on all of the popular industry coupon code sites. They occasionally give out codes when you sign up for your first order.


Almost everything about Sacred Kratom’s site looks professional, even down to the consistent quality of the product images used in the shop pages. There is no doubt that Sacred Kratom has always made no compromises. Customers trust them on their product quality without any doubt.

Lab Tested Quality

The first thing you will notice is that they want their customers to be aware that they offer lab-tested and high-quality Kratom, unlike many other vendors in the market. Their Kratom is tested for alkaloid content, heavy metals, and contaminants. As such, you can rest assured that the Kratom they are supplying is pure and of top quality.


The website of Sacred Kratom is user-friendly. You can easily move from one page to another and it has been intelligently designed and sequenced. Searching for products is quite easy and it can also be done without too much wastage of time.

Customer Service

Sacred Kratom sticks out like a sore thumb in the online market due to its excellent services. Their presence has had a significant impact on the industry.

Sacred Kratom Shipping Policy

You will also get upgraded Priority 3-Day shipping if you spend more than $100. And, whenever you buy Kratom from their online shop, you will automatically receive free shipping. They use USPS Priority Mail and USPS Express Mail service which will cost you according to the weight of the products and your destination. 

Sacred Kratom

Refund and Return Policy

If a customer happens to be unhappy with the quality, Sacred Kratom review revealed that the brand offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and Return Policy. But, when you dig deep you will come to know that they will not accept opened packs after the purchase but after the order, you can cancel the order before it is delivered to you.

Payment Method

Payments are one of the most important parts of an online store, and Sacred Kratom seems to have set up its payment system quite well. It accepts a variety of different card types included:

  • Visa
  • Pay pal
  • Delta
  • Master Card
  • Maestro
  • Delta

Bottom Line

The Company is always trying to improve in every department and to make its service as informative for newcomers and experienced users as possible. They are always looking for the highest quality kratom strains. Whether customers are regular users of kratom or it is their first time, customer ease of use and satisfaction is Sacred Kratom’s priority. 

  • Sacred Kratom is one of the leading kratom vendors in the US.
  • Sacred Kratom having good quality products has made them reach a remarkable status with the kratom users.
  • Customers can be assured of the product line’s purity and freshness.

Knowing about different vendors who supply good quality Kratom is essential for every Kratom enthusiast as there are many fraudulent vendors out there. Interested in reading more such blogs? You might just find a useful blog that tells you how to save your kratom costs or where to buy kratom. Check the below-given reviews to find it out.

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