The title is crazy Kratom because it’s crazy. It has zero environmental side effects and is 99% non-toxic. In this review, we will tell you about a relatively new but promising Kratom vendor in the market: Kratom Crazy. Before getting into it let me introduce you to the thing it has got which is deriving its audience crazy.

Come on let’s learn it. Read it till the end.

KC is another kratom vendor, offering decent quality at competitive prices. This provider offers kratom with the average alkaloids on the market. Kratom crazy offers capsules and powders with 30 days guarantee. The quality of kratom crazy has long-lasting cooperation with veteran farms.

Kratom Crazy Products 

The vendor provides a wide range of Kratom strains. Even though this vendor offers an extensive range of products, they have managed to keep everything simple. Kratom Crazy has a good range product selection that features all the popular Kratom strains plus some extracts and Kratom liquids. They offer two forms of Kratom which make the intake and use more comfortable. You can buy the items in a powdered or capsulated form.

Kratom Crazy

Powder Form Kratom

Kratom powder strains that you can choose from bulk are:

      • Kali (Red)
      • Raiu (Red)
      • Ketapang (Green)
      • Hulu Kapuas (White, Red)
      • Jong Kong (Red, White)
      • Elephant (Red)
      • Sumatra (Green, White, Red)
      • Vietnam (Green)
      • Horn (White, Red, Green)
      • Betuangie (Red) 

Capsule Form Kratom

For Kratom capsules, you can get them in 250mg, 500mg, 750mg, and 1000mg packages. Strains available in capsule form are:

      • Borneo-(White, Red).
      • Bali-(Red).
      • Indo-(Red, White).
      • Thai-(Red).
      • Maeng Da-(Green, Red, White).
      • Malay-(Super Green).


If you are going to use kratom regularly then you want to be sure you are using high-quality kratom with no harsh additives. These strains are high quality and the vendor is offering some of the highest quality and most popular kratom options around. They aim to provide our customers with up-to-date information on top-quality Kratom and where it can be purchased.

Lab Tested Quality

If you are going to use kratom regularly then you want to be sure you are using high-quality kratom with no harsh additives. Their reliable products have undergone that testing. The kratom from here always smells great, smells fresh. And if it does not seem fresh or like quality then it makes easy to get some help.

Drying Process

Another condition to get kratom of the best quality is the drying process. This plant requires a particular drying atmosphere. The whole process needs indoor conditions, a dark climate, and distance from the direct sunlight. The vendor provides drying on racks and allows air to travel to the leaves. After several days, leaves are available for grinding.

Kratom Crazy Price

We discovered that Kratom Crazy offers a wide range of popular Kratom strains at low prices, making them impossible to ignore. Their prices are quite reasonable. These prices are pretty good even when we compared them to some of the other popular stores. The users look quite satisfied with the quality and the price of the products.

Kratom Crazy

Discount and Coupons

The more that you buy the more there is a saving opportunity as well. Kratom crazy offers discounts and codes for its loyal customers. However, their prices are relatively low but who doesn’t like discounts. Special discounts and free coupons have been arranged by team Crazy kratom to give more ease to their customers.

Money-Back Guarantee

The business of delivering the best quality for kratom and there is a no-questions-asked refund policy. But even if you needed, they also offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not happy with your product then you can simply return them and they will pay you back.

Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is essential to the vendor, which makes this vendor dependable and reliable. Kratom Crazy’s customer service is good. If you check out some reviews, the people seem quite satisfied with their customer service. They are available every day to serve you even on Sunday, this is the greatest thing about them.

Shipping Service

The shipping is relatively fast. The vendor makes sure that the orders are shipped to the customers on the same day of placing an order if you place your orders, not on weekends. If you place your orders on the weekend then they will be shipped on Monday.


They neatly designed so you can find the items you need and place your orders easily and quickly on their website. You can find a blog on the subject from the website. Their website is very stylish and easy to use for buyers of all sorts. If you are looking to buy Kratom, this vendor is one of the sites you should visit. 

Kratom Crazy Has Ceased Operations 

This vendor had a very commanding presence online. Had? yes, Kratom Crazy has Ceased their Operations Effective in January 2021. Whatever is the reason, we hope they will be in market very soon.

Kratom Crazy

Final Verdict

The vendor appears to maintain this brand’s quality along with it’s products since they are one of the more established companies. They are earnest about quality control. After reading this review, you should be assured of the quality and service Kratom Crazy provides to all its customers.

There is the comfort of getting a top delivery deal and a money-back guarantee that makes it easier to decide to order from Kratom Crazy. They produce many products in form of Kratom powder. They stand out with their products and ensure a money-back guarantee. 

  • Professional site.
  • A Florida-based vendor, may not be as flashy as most sellers out there, but you can count on it to deliver outstanding strains time and again.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • The vendor also sells in bulk, so if your area could use a bit of variety, it might be worth working with them.
  • Good shipping service.

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