Herbal Salvation is one of the biggest and the best brands operating in the natural products industry. It has been fulfilling its promise to its customers since 2012 while providing them with the highest quality Herbal Salvation kratom products. Being ethical, trustworthy, and committed to its customers, Herbal Salvation has been dedicated to providing a healthy shopping experience to all its customers.

What else do you need my friend?

Herbal Salvation Kratom Product Rack

● When talking about diversity this vendor distinct in all.

● They deal in almost every strain of Indo, Bali, Vietnam, and Malay Kratom. 

● Their special nodzilla kratom is one of a kind.

● They offer packages in which you can get a different type of strains at affordable prices

They offer Kratom in the following types:

● Kratom Powder

● Kratom Extracts

● Kratom Tinctures

● Kratom Capsules

Herbal Salvation Kratom

Is Herbal Salvation Kratom Legitimate?

Additionally, they have given much significance to their legal obligations as their activities are being regulated by interstate commerce laws. This clearly proves that Herbal Salvation is a good kratom shopping destination for online customers who are constantly on the look-out for legitimate kratom selling sites. 

As stated in a review published by Kratom Masters.com, “This online vendor is regulated by interstate commerce laws, which is a division of the United States’ federal law.


Regardless of it being new to the natural products industry, Herbal Salvation has been doing a remarkable job in developing a good reputation for itself as one of the best kratom sellers in the industry. Their excellent quality and their reliability are proved through the loyal and satisfied customers which they have gained over time.

As stated by Kratom Masters,“ Herbal Salvation Kratom is highly reliable.” 

Devotion to Work

● All of this has been made possible because of its untiring efforts and hard work which it puts in while crafting its products and delivering them to its customers. 

● The brand also claims that it is 100% responsible for all its products which shows that it is very much dedicated to proving the quality of the products. 

● It provides fast shipping and reliable customer service to keep its customers satisfied with its products and delivery services. 

Herbal Salvation Kratom Pricing and Wholesale

The prices being charged by Herbal Salvation are very attractive and provide good offers to all the customers for purchasing kratom products.

● The vendor provides small quantities at affordable prices allowing customers, who are eager to try new things, to buy their products. 

● Those who are regular customers and those who wish to buy larger quantities of kratom products can also reap the benefits of good deals here.

As stated in an article published by Alice Sparkle[3], “The sample packs, sold by VS Herbal Salvation are, by far, this vendor’s best offers.” 

Herbal Salvation Kratom Wholesale

Additionally, wholesalers are also provided with a great opportunity to make purchases at a discounted price when they purchase products from the Herbal Salvation store in bulk. Prices usually initiate from $50.00

Herbal Salvation Kratom

Herbal Salvations Discounts and Coupons

Herbal Salvation does its best when it comes to keeping its customers happy with their purchases. Customers who wish to save their money while considering their health can head to the Herbal Salvation store to avail different offers and discounts on products being sold. 

● One-time special discount code HS10 for 10% off your kratom purchase or hemp purchase today!

● They will send you a promo code for free shipping if you Take a photo of any of their competitor’s empty product packages and send it to herbal salvation. 

● By giving them a review anywhere, you can get a 25% off coupon by email.

● Get a chance to win free products by performing different activities on their Facebook page. 

● $25.00 coupon code (to use any way you want) will be sent to you if you send them a copy of any website, email, or other content you come across when someone pretends to be Herbal Salvation. 

● You can save an average of 15% at checkout with one valid coupon.

Customer Service

The Herbal Salvation Kratom store has been doing an exemplary job while providing customer care and support. Its fast shipping and quality guaranteed products have played a huge role in the brand’s good reputation in the natural products industry.

● Their customer support team is easily accessible and they are available seven days a week and 24 hours a day.

● Additionally, the customer support team at the Herbal Salvation store can also be very easily reached through the email which they have provided at their official site.

● From tracking orders to resolving issues, Herbal Salvation has considered the customer’s needs while designing its customer support team

● The brand has also urged its customers to let them know in case they come across any problem while using their products. 

Herbal Salvation Kratom Shipping

Providing timely delivery and easy access is considered to be one of the top goals which Herbal Salvation wishes to achieve while making its customers happy through its products.

●    FREE shipping on orders of $75 or more! 

● Orders are shipped in 1-2 business days.

● Customers, who make use of delivery services including FedEx or UPS, can pay for their purchases through cash on delivery. This particular delivery method allows the customers to reduce transportation costs by 10%[4]. 

Return Policy

Herbal Salvation Kratom accepts returns of unopened products for a full refund, less shipping, within 30 days of receiving the order. They make a one-time exception for each customer concerning opened goods, will allow a return for a full refund as long as at least 80 percent of the opened package remains, and again within 30 days of receiving the order

Herbal Salvation Kratom Restriction Policy

● As clearly mentioned on their website, the brand does not sell or allow the usage of kratom products to people under the age of eighteen (18) years. 

● Additionally, the site has also mentioned that the product should not be used by those individuals who are currently nursing other people to a healthy state or are pregnant. 

● The vendor has also instructed its users to consult with a physician before the consumption of its products.

Herbal Salvation Kratom

Illegal States

Herbal Salvation Kratom respects every decision of the Government and FDA and does not ship Kratom to States, Counties, or Cities in the U.S.A. where there are potential legal issues with Kratom. 

● Shipment is also prohibited in some countries like Australia etc. 

● Hemp Products are also not shipped to states like Mississippi and New Hemisphere etc. 


From the above discussion, it can clearly be concluded that Herbal Salvation Kratom is indeed very ethical and very considerable when it comes to delivering quality products through timely shipments.

 Being a vendor in the kratom selling industry, Herbal Salvation has been fulfilling its moral obligations through its quality testing and timely services. My work is done here, head to their store now and checks out their products! 

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