My friend, you are here in search of good kratom, Well, I will say you that, you’re in right place. in this review, you will come to everything about this kratom vendor. We have done all the necessary research into Golden Rule Botanicals.

I hope so, your doubt about this kratom vendor may be clear after reading this review. Well, if you’re interested then shall we start? Let’s go.

Who Are They?

There are many online kratom vendors, who are selling good quality kratom, but if we talk about this kratom vendor, other kratom vendors are nothing better than snake oil peddlers, selling ineffective products at high prices. It is very important to check out the review about kratom before buying or using them.

But the main thing for kratom use and buying them is that is this kratom vendor legitimate suppliers and no scammers. Snake oil peddlers can difficult and can take up hours of your valuable time. This kratom vendor is a small online kratom vendor set up by Brandon Bird. They are the most famous supplements entrepreneur.

For kratom products no one is more famous than TGM Shop

They started their company after noticing that many kratom companies are just scamming and oil peddlers, they are selling low-quality products. He decided to do something about this because people were unsatisfied.

Golden Rule Botanicals

Growth of Golden Rule Botanicals    

Bird has done a little experiment on kratom, after this experiment, he focuses on better quality of kratom. He used to focus on the taste of kratom products from the different variety of strains. Customers love their kratom products and give excellent reviews about their kratom and service.

Since then, they gained a good reputation in the kratom community, this kratom vendor has grown and made its solid place in the kratom market very effectively over time.

The most growing brand in kratom industry is TGM Store


Bird, the owner of Golden Rule Botanicals, provide customer service own. Isn’t that satisfying that the owner himself is involved? If for offering whenever you will call this kratom vendor, bird, the founder himself will provide the answer the call and deal with a customer. He always tries to help the customers with his service to find a better quality of kratom for their personal needs.

He knows what he is talking about. He feels happy to see that customer is satisfied with his work and he loves to devote his time to make sure that the customer is happy with the experience in ordering kratom from Golden Rule Botanicals.


Most of the customers of Golden Rule Botanicals live in the USA, so they import a large quantity of kratom to the United States every month. The kratom sold by Golden Rule Botanicals is grown in South East Asia. They import fresh as possible for their satisfaction that customers are receiving good quality and best tasting kratom products, no matter which strains they order.   

Reason to Use Golden Rule Botanicals

Many customers review about this kratom vendor that, they offer the best quality and quantity of kratom strains out there. Reasons for their good reputation:

  1. Extremely pure and potent.
  2. Better smelling and tasting.
  3. Most trustworthy vendor option online at the moment.
  4. Quickly response.
  5. Low dosage effects like others high dosage.
  6. The offers are impressive.
  7. Low prices.
  8. Quick service.

Golden Rule Botanicals

Golden Rule Botanicals Products

This kratom vendor has different strains of kratom powder. Ranging from White Thai and Red bison to Green Malay. All these are used for different purposes and they all have different effects. It is very important to know about the strain before buying. Some best and popular strain available from Golden Rule Botanicals are:

Green Malay

It is better than other kratoms like red and white kratom. It is the most affordable and popular product available in this category.

Red Bison

It is stronger kratom than Green kratom. It is the most popular and effective strain available from this kratom vendor. It is usually not recommended for beginners but it is a great choice for great pain relief.

White Thai

A third most popular strain is White Thai. It is an extremely powerful and anti-anxiety strain. It is valued by customers for its incredible effects.

Some other Golden Rule Botanicals Products

  • Green Thai
  • Green Tiger
  • Green Lyon
  • Green Semar
  • Green Sumatra
  • Green MD Blend
  • Math Blend
  • Mother’s Helper Blend
  • Murray’s Meow Mix Blend
  • Old Tree Green Indo
  • Spearmint Blend
  • Spearmint Blend 2
  • Spearmint Blend 3
  • Thrison Blend
  • Tigers blend
  • Waka Wali Green

Some other botanicals and Shilajit are also sold by this kratom vendor which are of equal quality and affordable.

What it is Going To Cost?

Their kratom powders cost 7 dollars and 8 dollars for a once. You may get 2 ounces for just 16 dollars, 4 ounces under 30 dollars, 8 ounces under 50 dollars, 12 ounces for less than 65 dollars, 1lb for just 78 dollars, and kilo kratom for 148 dollars.

Golden Rule Botanicals Coupon Code

Golden Rule Botanicals offer the best discount code. Customers can feel free for selecting local pickups to avoid incurring any shipping and handling expenses.

What are people saying?

They are very vocal with SOP kratom, customers are very pleased with them. The customer said, “I have received my order of 4ounce bag. Shipping was too good. This kratom product was so natural, pure and very potent. Some of the best kratom I have tried in my life.”

Another customer review that, “I have ordered my first kratom of life and they were the first vendor of life to whom I ever ordered. I really love them and their products. Their products are very nice and consistent. They always throw in a free sample too”.   

Golden Rule Botanicals

News Review

“,” says that:

“Choosing the most potent kratom depends on you as a person, your needs, and your required dosage. Each kratom has a specific use, and different kratom alkaloids cause different effects; for instance, you can select the strongest kratom for energizing effects, pain-relief, or anxiety, and every one of these is strong in its own right.

KratomSpace however, has found the strongest in each category. Some examples include; PurKratom’s White Maeng Da, which is the strongest kratom for energy; Coastline Kratom’s Red Vein Bali, the most potent kratom for pain relief; and PurKratom’s Red Vein Borneo is the strongest kratom for anti-anxiety effects.

Another important tree that is used for medicinal purposes is akuamma, a tree native to Africa. KratomSpace mentions that the rest of the world still have to educate themselves about this tree. Particularly for those interested in an alternative to Kratom itself, many individuals need to understand how this plant works.

For those who prefer Kratom, they choose it because of the ever so popular kratom tea in Southeast Asia. Many teas provide digestive and calming properties, and kratom tea has many benefits too. It is more palatable; it avoids the need for powder; it’s easier on the stomach and the intestines, and it’s more sanitary.

The best way to enjoy kratom tea is to simmer and steep the kratom leaves”.


Customers who want to order their kratom blends should think about talking to Bird. His products are more effective, powerful, and potent as well as, cheaper than his competitors. Bird has got everything for everyone.

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