7OHM is an abbreviation of 7-hydroxy mitragynine, the indole alkaloid inherent in the Mitragynaspeciosa plant’s leaves.7ohm Labs is one of the most popular vendors for 2016.

Are you a Kratom enthusiast? Are you looking for a Kratom vendor? If yes, then do not worry since in the following discussion we are going to look at the 7ohm Kratom vendor review. 

Quick Outline

This 7ohm Kratom review takes you on a journey to discover all there is to know about this Kratom vendor. At the end of this review, you should be able to decide whether to buy kratom online from 7ohm or not.

  • This timeframe is enough for the vendor to process your order properly and make sure that you receive what you want.
  • This alkaloid is believed to be responsible for kratom’s powerful natural properties.
  • 7ohm Kratom is very active on social media and its website.
  • From there, 7ohm Kratom will process your request as fast as possible to make sure that it meets your requirements.

7OHM Kratom

7OHM Kratom Product Line

The 7ohm kratom collection is quite distinct and is not like the regular offerings you get from other vendors. Seven Ohm has an almost ridiculously large number of products are available in six different colors, which are as given below:

White Color

      • White Sumatra
      • White Samarinda
      • White Sumatra
      • White Pucuck (aka White Kri)
      • White Kapuas White Vietnam

Red Color

      • Red Jambu
      • Red Md
      • Red V
      • Red Bentuangie
      • Red Horn Red

Green Color

      • Green Plantation Maeng Da (PMD)
      • Green Kalsel
      • Green Elephant Maeng Da (EMD aka SupergreenMd)
      • Green Sugergreen
      • Green Super Indo

Golden Color

      • Golden Jong Kong
      • Golden Maeng Da
      • Golden Bali

Yellow Color

      • Yellow Thai
      • Yellow Malay
      • Yellow Gold
      • Yellow Ketapang
      • Yellow Borneo

Brown Color

Brown Fermented Borneo

7OHM Kratom Products Quality

When a company tests a kratom product, it should indicate the exact concentration of alkaloids on the kratom products which then gives you a sign of its potency.

7OHM Kratom

Lab Tested Quality

This seller made a name for himself by being the first independent artisans to submit his products to a third-party laboratory for testing. Carrying out a third-party laboratory test helps vendors to be certain that they are selling pure Kratom to their customers and not one that is spiked with contaminants or additives. There was a salmonella outbreak and it was connected to Kratom from many high-ranking vendors. However, 7ohm labs were free from that scandal.

Cost of the 7OHM Kratom Products

7ohm vendors offer great prices for their customers. The prices may differ depending on how much product you want to buy. 7ohms source for high-quality kratom from many countries all over the world.

Discount Price

They make it convenient for their customers to be able to purchase their products by also using discount deals. A 10% discount is applied on their products. This offer is only available to customers that buy in bulk. Everyone else has to pay the original price. 

Refund & Money Back Guarantee

Some vendors do not and can never accept returns and if you are not satisfied with your products you will never get a refund of your money. But, they accept 75% of the unused product and still refund the exact amount you purchased.

How to Place an Order From 7OHM Kratom?

7ohm has two methods of placing an order, these are given down:


This method allows you to place an order through the phone by calling. Make sure to give them all of your important details including your full name, the type of strain you want, and the exact quantities as well as an accurate shipping address. 


This involves the customer emailing their order to the vendor’s official email, which is 7ohmorders@gmail.com. From there, you’ll receive an invoice that you can pay via bank transfer, debit card, or PayPal.

7OHM Kratom


They have created a website that is beautifully designed and customized for better responsiveness. Thanks to these website’s layout and functionality, the processing is expected to take about 1 or 2 days instead of the usual 2 to 5 days. I found many different options for kratom items on their website. There are several websites from which you can order your kratom.

Customer Service

If you are not satisfied 100% their service will make it right. Their quality and service are what make them the best place to get your kratom. Also what cool is you can text them and they will answer your questions.

Fast Shipping Service

  •  For 7ohm Kratom, it is the speed with which they deliver. Once you place your order, you get them between 2-5 days. They provide you with all the information you need to make an informed purchase-including clear guideline for product shipping and processing which usually takes about 2 to 5 days.

Payment Method

Some vendors have very limited payment options that make it difficult for their customers to get their products. But at 7Ohm, their payment methods are structured in a way that is convenient for many people. You can pay through:

  • Money Order
  • e-Check
  • Cryptocurrency

Customer Reviews About 7OHM Kratom

Sometimes humans trust the experiences written by people who have used the product before and these experiences reflect the product quality and whether the product meets one’s needs. They have very good reviews by the customers overall. 

If you are in doubt about the quality of the service rendered by 7ohm, you will need to read reviews from other customers on reddit and different sites. 

Closing Verdicts

 It is worth noting here that 7ohm buys its products from different countries around the world so that it can source the best of the best. You’ll find vital information that you can act on. They offer very personalized service right there. 

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