VIDERE | Frame [video]

Videre, Latin for to see, is a video series that plays with the idea of re-seeing. The short works featured here are explorations of sights, sounds, and sensing at The Huntington. Ornately carved flowers finished in a burnished gold. Thin, simple, straightforward black outline. Heavy, thick, rustic hardwood stained to … Continue reading

EXHIBITIONS | To Inlay a Print

Most people who visit the West Hall of the Library over the next few months will be introduced to a technique they had never heard of before. “Illuminated Palaces: Extra-Illustrated Books from the Huntington Library,” which opens on Saturday, July 27, and runs through Oct. 28, features more than 40 … Continue reading

VIDEO | The Poetry of Photography

Heavy boxes of glass. A portable darkroom. Noxious chemicals. A cumbersome camera. Field photography during the U.S. Civil War was an arduous process far removed from the relatively effortless digital image-snapping of today’s pocket-sized cameras and phones. And it was the strange beauty of this process—so labor intensive, so unfamiliar … Continue reading

ORCHID COLLECTION | Gotta See ’Em Catasetum

It’s a bird…. It’s a plane…. It’s orchid pollen? Pollen has been flying at the information desk in The Rose Hills Foundation Conservatory for Botanical Science this past month! Lucky visitors who were in the Conservatory at the right place and at the right time were able to witness the … Continue reading

EXHIBITIONS | Oh, Railroad Bill

EXHIBITIONS | Oh, Railroad Bill

One hundred fifty years ago today, Abraham Lincoln signed into law the act that set in motion the development of the first transcontinental railroad across the United States. “Visions of Empire: The Quest for a Railroad Across America, 1840–1880,” The Huntington’s current major exhibition curated by Peter J. Blodgett, The … Continue reading

From Gainsborough to Rauschenberg

From Gainsborough to Rauschenberg

When one thinks of The Huntington’s art collections, the works that often come to mind first are Gainsborough’s Blue Boy, Lawrence’s Pinkie, and the other Grand Manner portraits. And such was probably the case for major postwar American artist Robert Rauschenberg, whose Global Loft (Spread) from 1979 will begin gracing … Continue reading