EXHIBITIONS | Lifting the Veil [video]

When a visitor enters the refurbished Library Exhibition Hall, it may seem as if the rare artifacts in that hushed and glittering space appeared as if by magic. Yet the new permanent exhibition, “Remarkable Works, Remarkable Times,” is no conjurer’s trick. Nor do the 150 or so items on view … Continue reading

VIDERE | Frame [video]

Videre, Latin for to see, is a video series that plays with the idea of re-seeing. The short works featured here are explorations of sights, sounds, and sensing at The Huntington. Ornately carved flowers finished in a burnished gold. Thin, simple, straightforward black outline. Heavy, thick, rustic hardwood stained to … Continue reading

EXHIBITIONS | To Inlay a Print

Most people who visit the West Hall of the Library over the next few months will be introduced to a technique they had never heard of before. “Illuminated Palaces: Extra-Illustrated Books from the Huntington Library,” which opens on Saturday, July 27, and runs through Oct. 28, features more than 40 … Continue reading

Historical Moments Past and Present

Today Barack Obama will be sworn in for his second term as president of the United States, although the public ceremony and inaugural speech won’t take place until Monday. In today’s New York Times, historian Ronald C. White Jr. explains why second inaugural addresses often fall flat, albeit with one … Continue reading