Sir Isaac Newton, Alchemist?

Is it possible that the English physicist and mathematician Sir Isaac Newton, one of the greatest theorists in the history of science, practiced alchemy? That a giant of the scientific revolution shared a dream common among charlatans of his age—to turn lead into gold? William R. Newman, professor of history … Continue reading

Historical Moments Past and Present

Today Barack Obama will be sworn in for his second term as president of the United States, although the public ceremony and inaugural speech won’t take place until Monday. In today’s New York Times, historian Ronald C. White Jr. explains why second inaugural addresses often fall flat, albeit with one … Continue reading

AUDIO | Witches of Research

If you missed David Hall’s standing-room-only lecture last month about witches, you can now download it from The Huntington’s site on iTunes U. Hall’s talk was titled “Witch-Hunting and the Sadness of Everyday Life: An Alternative Perspective on Early New England.” He is professor of New England Church History at … Continue reading