FROM THE RANCH | An Introduction to the Food Forest at the Huntington Ranch

Simple beginnings. A diversity of tossed out seeds coming up through cut back grasses around fruit trees. Think of a wild forest. What does a person need to do for an undisturbed wild forest to grow? Well, mostly just stay out of the way. A forest does not need to be fertilized, because the cycle of plant growth and decay provides the nutrients needed to maintain productivity. This is how it has been since the first forest. Continue reading

FROM THE RANCH | Economical Container Gardening and the Salad Factory Experiment

Welcome to the first post on the salad factory, an experiment to see if in both quantitative and qualitative terms, container gardening is “worth it.” It is an easy to set up, relatively inexpensive grid of plastic storage tubs converted to grow a diversity of salad greens and herbs including varieties of lettuce, kale, chard, mustard, mizuna, nasturtiums, salad onions, cilantro, endive, escarole, and more. Continue reading

FROM THE RANCH | Return to the Ranch

FROM THE RANCH | Return to the Ranch

In the spring/summer 2009 issue of Huntington Frontiers magazine, I wrote about a project that was underway to return The Huntington to its agricultural roots. Next week marks the official unveiling of the Huntington Ranch. Part outdoor classroom, part demonstration garden, and part research lab, the Ranch is located on … Continue reading