Fantasy Aloe Hybrids

When it comes to aloe collecting, Karen Zimmerman’s hybrids are real show-stoppers. As The Huntington’s propagator of succulent plants, Zimmerman has had amazing success breeding striking, jagged-toothed specimens permeated with red, orange, or yellow that produce delectable contrasts with the aloes’ green to bluish-green leaves. Take her Aloe ‘DZ’. A … Continue reading

Newton’s Lost Copy of Mede, Revealed

The Huntington’s library collection comprises nearly 9 million manuscripts, books, photographs and other works in such fields as American and British history, literature, art, and the history of science. Because of the sheer volume of materials—with each item having to be analyzed by hand and carefully studied—it’s possible for things … Continue reading

More Than Meets the Eye

In 2012, The Huntington received a $500,000 grant from the Mellon Foundation to develop an integrated preservation program that would serve both the Library and Art divisions. Previously, only books and works of art on paper received treatment in the preservation department’s conservation laboratory, with paintings being cared for by … Continue reading

The Library Tomorrow

The next time you walk into the Library’s main exhibition hall to see “Remarkable Works, Remarkable Times,” be sure to stop into “The Library Today” gallery. Several remarkable videos will vie for your attention—one projected onto a table and five others on view on iPads. But don’t overlook the display … Continue reading

A Life of Adventure

As an avid collector, intrepid businesswoman, and amateur anthropologist, Grace Nicholson captured her unique experiences in photographs and journals, providing an intimate look at Indians who lived in California and the Southwest at the beginning of the 20th century. She placed Indian baskets and cultural materials in some of the … Continue reading