A Window into The Huntington

Before entering the Mapel Orientation Gallery, take a moment to notice the elegant outlines floating on the front windows. These silhouettes, which greet you as you enter and bid you a pleasant day as you leave, are a snapshot of The Huntington’s library, art, and botanical collections. Portland, Ore.-based artist … Continue reading

Restoring a Doyle Lane Mural

Los Angeles ceramist Doyle Lane (1925–2002) became known for his collectible “weed pots,” as he called his vases with small openings for holding a few stems, and for what he called “clay paintings”—geometric and boldly colored ceramic disks—that have been compared to the paintings of John McLaughlin and Frederick Hammersley. … Continue reading

Taking the Long View

What happens when you try to recreate panoramic photos taken on The Huntington’s property a hundred years ago? Earlier this year, award-winning Los Angeles photographer John C. Lewis spent a few days on the grounds to find out. His mission: capture images that approximate two 1915 panoramas from our archives—one of … Continue reading

Let’s Get Oriented

Did you know that the Huntington property was once home to the first commercial avocado orchard in Southern California? That in 1910, Henry Huntington’s network of trolley cars, the Pacific Electric “Red Cars,” stretched over 1,300 miles across Los Angeles? That in Huntington’s day, the temple bell in the Japanese … Continue reading