Maps that Scholars (and Goonies) Treasure

In the early 1980s, Mary Robertson, then chief curator of manuscripts, had an unusual meeting with a film production designer. Robertson was used to talking with people about the wonders and mysteries within The Huntington’s vast and renowned collections. But this man had an odd request—he wanted to see real … Continue reading

Advancing the Humanities

The Huntington and the University of California, Riverside, have selected the first two fellows for the highly competitive Huntington-UC Program for the Advancement of the Humanities, a partnership designed to boost the humanities at public universities. The program currently supports scholars whose research areas are focused on 18th-century studies and on the history … Continue reading

Into the Fold

One of The Huntington’s partner schools is Esteban E. Torres High School in East Los Angeles. Last month, students from their Engineering and Technology Academy visited The Huntington as part of a yearlong program exploring the ancient Japanese art form of origami. Torres students toured The Huntington’s Japanese Garden to … Continue reading

Einstein’s Still Making Waves

Tomorrow The Huntington will cohost the second day of Caltech’s sixth biennial Francis Bacon Conference, “General Relativity at One Hundred.” The conference runs from March 10–12, with the first and third days taking place at Caltech. It will bring together physicists and scholars to explore topics ranging from the early history of … Continue reading

A Whale of a Discovery

It’s not every day that a lithograph from The Huntington’s collections is used to publicize a major archaeological discovery. But that’s what happened last month, when the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration posted one of The Huntington’s prints on their website to announce they had found the hulls of two out … Continue reading

Alice at 150

Throughout the United States and Britain, Lewis Carroll’s immortal little girl is being fêted on the occasion of her 150th birthday—with exhibits and events, plays and performances. Martin Gardner’s classic The Annotated Alice was reissued last year in a “150th Anniversary Deluxe Edition.” A new musical based on Alice in Wonderland … Continue reading