Susan Turner-Lowe is vice president for communications at The Huntington.


The first time I walked into the office of Laurie Sowd, The Huntington’s vice president for operations, I thought I was in the wrong place. This was the person in charge of multimillion dollar construction activities, security, information technology, facilities—big, complicated megaprojects with lots of moving parts? What I found … Continue reading

Weird, Wild & Wonderful

The botanical world is full of surprises, as any of the thousands of people who’ve visited the Amorphophallus titanum in bloom might tell you. Wild sizes, outrageous colors, complex patterns, otherworldly shapes—all a result of the remarkable adaptations plants make in response to habitat, in defense against predators, and in … Continue reading

EXHIBITIONS | Some Reassembly Required

Most people know the Rubik’s Cube, that colorful handful of plastic that has fascinated and frustrated many a puzzle aficionado over the past 40 years. But have you heard of the stomachion? It’s a puzzle attributed to the Greek mathematician Archimedes, and it poses this question: How many different ways … Continue reading

Monumental and Melodious

You may recall a curious story about lost-and-found art that ran in The New York Times last year—a news piece that explained how a long overlooked monumental sculpture of celebrated artist Sargent Claude Johnson (1888–1967) emerged from decades in storage before getting snapped up by The Huntington’s Art Collectors’ Council … Continue reading