Lisa Blackburn is communications coordinator at The Huntington.

A Thanksgiving Cornucopia

Anyone searching for an authentic American dish to serve for Thanksgiving dinner should consider the humble succotash: it would make a hearty addition to the meal and a terrific conversation starter. The bean and corn medley was (and still is) prepared annually in Plymouth, Mass., as part of the Forefathers’ … Continue reading

A Passion for Bonsai

From ancient origins in China and Japan, the art of creating miniature bonsai trees has grown in popularity to become an international hobby. Today, bonsai reflects the nationalities, philosophies, and regional plants of enthusiasts worldwide. What accounts for this enduring passion that collectors, connoisseurs, and growers have for this horticultural … Continue reading

Echinopsis: Queen for a Day

The Desert Garden at The Huntington holds many delights—literally thousands of them—and it’s impossible to walk through the 10-acre landscape without feeling a little bit awe-struck. The sheer diversity of plant species—with their unusual colors, shapes, textures, and adaptations—draws visitors back again and again. And exploring the garden in springtime … Continue reading