Jennifer Allan Goldman is a manuscripts curator and the institutional archivist at The Huntington.

A Fond Farewell

Today is my last day as institutional archivist and curator of manuscripts at The Huntington. Just over eight years ago, I came here to be the first person to hold the official title of “institutional archivist.” Though various curators before me were responsible for the records of The Huntington’s various … Continue reading

EXHIBITIONS | Coaching Citizenship

Next Saturday, Nov. 9, “Remarkable Works, Remarkable Times: Highlights from the Huntington Library” will open in the Main Hall of the Library, a new installation of The Huntington’s Library treasures. Anchoring 12 sections will be key works—such as the Ellesmere manuscript of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, the Gutenberg Bible, and Shakespeare’s … Continue reading


Don’t forget to look up next month when you visit the new permanent exhibition “Remarkable Works, Remarkable Times: Highlights from the Huntington Library.” Beginning Nov. 9, you’ll be able to re-enter the Library Main Exhibition Hall for the first time since it closed for renovation 17 months ago. And hanging … Continue reading

Let Them Keep Cake

A few months back a volunteer in our manuscripts department came across a rather unusual item in the uncataloged papers of Edwin Carpenter, Ph.D., who was a bibliographer, librarian, and editor at UCLA, The Huntington, and the New York Public Library. Among the genealogical research, correspondence, and essay proofs was … Continue reading

EXHIBITIONS | One Easy Piece

Deciding what goes into a library exhibition is far more difficult than you might expect. After months of research in books and archival collections, you’re expected to concentrate all of that knowledge and insight into fewer than 100 items. In my case, the effort to select appropriate pieces often means … Continue reading

EXHIBITIONS | Welcome to Los Robles Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens

I came across quite a few interesting pieces when I was researching my current exhibition, “Cultivating California: Founding Families of the San Marino Ranch.” When I was researching George S. Patton (senior), I stumbled upon an item that was begging to be displayed. On an onion-skin sheet dated April 26, … Continue reading

Hidden Manuscript Collections

Hidden Manuscript Collections

A “hidden collection” is a collection that is largely unknown to researchers, usually because it hasn’t been processed (arranged, described, conserved). This is no use to researchers—you can’t ask for something if you don’t know it exists—and there is a great push within the archival profession to make these “hidden collections” visible through simpler processing and online catalogs. The Los Angeles Times company records is probably one of the least-hidden “hidden collections” we have. Continue reading