VIDERE | Calendula Collection [video]

Videre, Latin for to see, is a video series that plays with the idea of re-seeing. The short works featured here are explorations of sights, sounds, and sensing at The Huntington.

“Calendula Collection” is a survey of the colors and shapes that were in bloom in the April/May 2012 calendula bed in the Shakespeare Garden at The Huntington.

Also in the Videre series:
“A Song of Pebble and Line
“A Study in Simulacra

For more on this story, check out News Bytes in the spring/summer 2012 issue of Huntington Frontiers, downloadable in PDF form here.

Kate Lain is the new media developer in the office of communications at The Huntington.

24 thoughts on “VIDERE | Calendula Collection [video]

  1. These new videos are reminding me that I really need to finally get across town for my first visit to the Huntington!

      • Kate, the photos are terrific. However, there’s too much of it. I watch the images whizz by, click pause to examine more carefully, play, then pause again. I see the great variety of the same kind of flower, good. And yet, that’s it?


        Time lapse photograph two or three flowers of different flowers of different colors.
        Pan the garden and come in on ones that strike you particularly.
        Focus on one at a distance and slowly come in, then really close and let us see the different parts that make up the flower.
        Thank you for showing us.

        • Thanks for watching. Sounds like you’ve got some fun ideas there — I hope you’ll be able to make it by and shoot your own piece sometime!

    • Thanks for stopping in and watching, Barb. And thanks for the kind words. There are more of these in the works, so stay tuned…

  2. Was wondering if you had any good tips for a young family with kids ranging from 2-14. Not the activities that cost money but all the other things you have going on. We are members and are looking for ways to enjoy it more. Thanks.

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  4. Hi, Kate. What a lot of work to put all these photos together! I liked the swirling effects–maybe not done on purpose, but as the photos whizzed by, they did SWIRL along. Maybe next time you create one of these flower shows, you could vary the speed. I’m a little seasick. But thank you for seeing the flowers and sharing what you saw.

    “A poet could not but be gay, / In such a jocund company.” –Wordsworth

    • Oh, the hazards of single-frame animation! Thank you for seeing it through, though. I promise that there will be some slower-paced works posted in the coming weeks and months.

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  6. This comes for me in the aftermath of being inundated with metaphorical light in Stockhausen’s amazing opera Mittwoch Aus Licht in Birmingham, UK, part of the British Olympic Arts Festival. Connections, connections!

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