In its final week, “Three Fragments of a Lost Tale: Sculpture and Story by John Frame” continues to make headlines. KPCC is rebroadcasting reporter John Rabe’s interview with the artist, and the LA Weekly is gearing up to run a piece this week. Rabe says that when he walked into the exhibition, it was as if he’d walked into a single frame of a stop-motion animated film, “which is pretty much what I’d done.” The exhibition is a combination of Southern California artist John Frame’s exquisitely rendered figurative sculpture, photography of the works, and a stop-motion film featuring his cast of sculpted characters. It is, visitors have said, a magical experience.

But don’t take our word for it. Check out what people are saying in Art Ltd. Magazine, Art Week LA, Huffington Post, and the Los Angeles Times. And make plans to see the show before it closes June 27.

Caption: O-Man (detail); wood, glass eyes, and found objects. Photo by John Frame.


Susan Turner-Lowe is vice president for communications at The Huntington.

One thought on “EXHIBITIONS | Final Frame

  1. The show and film was a spirtual experience for me. Something like: when we leave here, it isn’t over and one needs to continue looking forward to continue growth. Hanging on to our past in the next phase will leave us stuck and begin our decay. Athough comforting, It does not enable discovery…… but it could certainly include examining our past and mining it for richness in order to grow beyond.

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