FROM THE RANCH | Plant Profile: Osaka Purple Mustard

I want to quickly introduce you to one of the beauties of the Fall-planted vegetable garden: Osaka Purple Mustard. This Japanese mustard green has a spicy, wasabi-tinged taste that is great in stir fry (it mellows when cooked) or delicious if picked young for adding a bit of heat to salads.

Osaka Purple Mustard is extremely easy to grow, and its large, ornamental leaves stand out in the garden. The picture below has my hand in it for scale.


Scott Kleinrock is the Ranch project coordinator at The Huntington.

One thought on “FROM THE RANCH | Plant Profile: Osaka Purple Mustard

  1. I would love to get a planting/care calendar published for your vegetable/fruit gardens. Month to month…. For instance, what to plant when, highlighting the plants and the care they generally need (watering, fertilizing, etc.), when to look forward to harvest and the like.

    I seem to miss the boat on some of my plantings. I’ve been at it about 6 years now but could always use some help. As an urban gardener, it would be a huge assistance to me to reap from your experience…or maybe the better term is “harvest” :-j

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